UltimateReady currently has a team of three with more expected to join shortly as our coverage of the game, its popularity and the number of Overwatch tournaments, conventions and other events, increases.

Phil Gaudette

After maining Tracer and then being forced to play Mercy for more hours than he’d like to admit, Philip “philjenius” Gaudette found the perfect hero that combined the best of both worlds: Lúcio. When he’s not breaking it down on the battlefield, Phil teaches ESL and bakes killer chocolate chip cookies..

Aron Gerencser

In spite of the hype, Aron wasn’t an early adopter of Overwatch. Instead, he observed the game’s dynamic for a while before deciding to jump in head first. When on the virtual playing fields, his preferred role is defense, with Bastion as his main hero.

Boston Smith

Boston is our backend guy and keeps everything on the site running nice and smooth in the background. He occasionally contributes to the articles you’ll find here though, so keep an eye out for that! Just don’t ask his ranking… there’s a good reason why he will never write a guide!

Contact a Team Member

To contact any of the UltimateReady team please just send a message via our contact form. It will be forwarded to whichever person you want to reach pronto.