Give Overwatch A Try This Free Weekend

Overwatch doesn’t have a playable demo or a free “starter edition” that allows prospective players to give the game a try without having to spend money on it. Instead, Blizzard runs free play weekends every so often, and this latest event running until midnight on Monday is the latest. Free Weekends are a way for […]

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Overwatch Originally Planned As MMO, Was To Have Jetpack Cat Hero

Blizzcon 2017 has thus far yielded a ton of news regarding Overwatch, including a new hero, a new map and crossover skins. On top of all this, attendees and virtual ticket holders also learned a few interesting details about the game’s past during the Overwatch Archive panel. Up until this point in time we haven’t […]

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Razer Announces D.Va Themed Overwatch Peripherals

Razer and Blizzard have been working together to bring licensed peripherals to fans for a long time now, starting with their line of Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty peripherals back in 2010. They’ve produced a line of Overwatch peripherals as well including a keyboard, headset, mouse and mousepad. Now, announced at Blizzcon 2017, they’re expanding that […]

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Overwatch Getting A Blizzard Themepark Map

The 6 crossover skins bringing a taste of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo to Overwatch aren’t the only way Blizzard is blending their other properties with the team-based competitive shooter. A new map coming to the game sometime soon will be set in a fictional theme park designed around the holy trinity of Blizzard properties. The […]

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Blizzard Crossover Skins Coming To Overwatch

The new hero, Moira, wasn’t the only news regarding Overwatch to come out of Blizzcon. Not too long ago we mentioned how odd it is that there haven’t been any crossover skins in the game with other Blizzard properties, and it seems the guys working on Overwatch had similar thoughts. Coming soon to regular lootboxes […]

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Overwatch Getting New Support Healer, Moira

Blizzcon yielded a ton of news for all of Blizzard’s properties (except Diablo, unfortunately), and while World of Warcraft got the most attention, huge amounts of new content are coming to Overwatch too, most important among which is a new Support hero which the game has been in dire need of. Attendees even got a […]

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Overwatch Passes 35 Million Players

Overwatch is kind of a big thing in the gaming world, but we’re guessing this comes as no revelation to most of you. It’s been highly popular both in terms of raw player number and online presence, with a particularly active, vocal and dedicated fanbase and lively cosplay community. Exact playerbase milestones are a great […]

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The Fastest Route To Level 25

Many Overwatch players will say that competitive is the true meat of the game. While not everyone (including us) agrees with this, it might prompt new players into wanting to beeline progress until level 25, when competitive play becomes unlocked. Thankfully (for these players at least) there is a handful of ways to maximise XP […]

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Rumor: Overwatch Spin-Off Possibly Indicated By Job Posting

Now, before you get too hyped out, this is one of those “it just might be” situations when whether the evidence indicates one thing or another depends entirely on interpretation. A job opening calling for someone with “knowledge and understanding” of Overwatch for an “unannounced project” may line up with past statements regarding some of […]

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Blizzard Suing Alleged Chinese Overwatch Knockoff

Blizzard Entertainment’s Chinese branch, as well as their Chinese Overwatch operator NetEase, are going after a mobile game developer called Lin Qionghua for “allegedly” ripping off Overwatch and reusing assets. You’ll see every publication writing the word “alleged” before “ripoff” because that’s the correct nomenclature until there is a court ruling. But it’s pretty obviously a […]

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