Razer and Blizzard have been working together to bring licensed peripherals to fans for a long time now, starting with their line of Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty peripherals back in 2010.

They’ve produced a line of Overwatch peripherals as well including a keyboard, headset, mouse and mousepad. Now, announced at Blizzcon 2017, they’re expanding that line with specific hero-based products all styled after the game’s resident E-Sports player, D.Va.

Since Razer has been producing peripherals aimed at pro players pretty much since the foundation of the company, this seems to be an ideal fit. However we do hope other heroes also get their own product lines – there are plenty of picks just as popular as the MEKA pilot.

The D.Va line consists of a mouse, mousepad and headset. The mouse and mousepad are recolors of existing Razer products, whereas the headset will be an all-new device designed to fit the character’s in-game headset perfectly. As such, the mouse and mousepad are both available already, while the headset will be released sometime in the near future.

The D.VA Razer Goliathus mousepad is identical to the regular Goliathus in every way sans design, with the same dimensions of 14″x10″ and .16″ thickness, going for $19.99. The pad features a pink Razer logo in the top right corner, D.Va’s white determined/miffed rabbit logo in the center and various decorations fitting the default color scheme of the hero.

The surface of the Goliathus pad is a fabric weave and all Razer mice can be calibrated with their driver software to be ideally suited to this pad. The Goliathus line of mousepads is the longest running variant in Razer’s lineup that’s still getting upgraded versions.

The D.Va Razer Abyssus Elite is a wired 7200 DPI gaming mouse with 220 IPS tracking and 30 G acceleration.

The lower housing is cast entirely in pink plastic, whereas the top cover retains the black coloring, but is augmented with D.Va themed décor. Additionally, Razer’s signature Chroma lighting is supported by the mouse, however all but, like, 3 colors, would look utterly out of place with that color scheme.

The Abyssus is an odd choice, since it is one of Razer’s few mice with no additional buttons, and most mice designed for gaming feature extra buttons. This version of the mouse costs $59.99 as opposed to the $49.99 of the unlicensed version.

The headset, however, is definitely the main attraction in this lineup. It’s a perfect copy of D.Va’s headset as seen in the game, complete with the angular design, the ear/fin protruding from one of the speakers and the exact color scheme. Alas, no specifics, such as tech specs or price, have been revealed, nor do we yet know when the headset will be available for purchase.

It’s anyone’s guess whether any other heroes will get the Razer treatment, but this is certainly the logical place to start. Maybe a mouse with more buttons next time?

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