Returning from last year is the holiday season event for Overwatch, Winter Wonderland. Bringing all kinds of festive content to the game, players can get into the holiday spirit with a number of new legendary skins and an all-new brawl which will introduce a unique kind of approach to Overwatch gameplay.

The new legendaries haven’t been announced or revealed yet, but Jeff Kaplan did hint at a few of them. We know that Hanzo, Junkrat and Roadhog are going to get the festive treatment, but for now the others remain a mystery. Hanzo’s skin, in particular, is almost guaranteed to be based on his casual look from the Reflections comic from last year.

Mei’s Snowball Offensive from last year is making a return, with a new map added in the face of a winter-themed version of Black Forest, alongside the original Antarctica map.

However, the main attraction is going to be the new brawl which is going to be unlike anything you’ve seen in Overwatch before. Blizzard is taking a page out of 2K’s book by creating an asymmetrical multiplayer game mode a tad similar to Evolve.

Mei’s Yeti Hunt sees a team of 5 Meis go up against one buffed up Winston. Set in Nepal Village, the Yeti (Winston) starts off in a weaker state. By gathering powerups, the Yeti can eventually trigger Primal Rage and thus become far more dangerous. So the goal of the Meis is to hunt him down before this happens, as he’s vulnerable then. It’s basically a boss fight, but the boss is also controlled by a player.

The festive winter décor for other maps will make a return from last year, as will the legendary skins introduced back then. Much like with the Summer Games and Halloween Terror, these will be available in the store at a lower price than the new skins. Last year’s “legacy” skins will go for 1,000 credits a pop, while the newer ones will set you back 3,000.

Return to Winter Wonderland begins December 12th, next Tuesday.

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