This could have easily been spun as “new content coming to Overwatch”, but since no-one expected the game’s support to evaporate overnight after news of its popularity and dedicated player base made the rounds recently, that wouldn’t exactly have been saying much at all.

Responding to a player’s inquiries about when new items will be added to the game’s store and loot pool, game director Jeff Kaplan answered that we needn’t wait long.

While the recently released support hero Moira brought with her a full set of cosmetics, and there are a set of crossover skins based on other Blizzard IP in the pipeline that were announced at BlizzCon 2017, this particular blue post suggests there is more content incoming that we don’t know about.

It also all but confirms that the crossover skins will be added to the drop pool of the regular lootboxes instead of some other method of acquisition.

There are also multiple events coming up, each of which is bound to add a host of new cosmetic items.

Beyond whatever Blizzard has in store for the holiday season, because we’re guaranteed to get some even around Christmas time, we suspect the early months of 2018 will be packed with events and such based on Kaplan’s comment.

We have a ton of new content coming. Not only are there some really awesome items coming for upcoming events, early next year we’ll be adding *a lot* of new items to the base loot box.

You don’t have long to wait!

Kaplan’s emphasis on *a lot* is both vague and telling. Among those items the majority will likely be composed of sprays, emotes and such with a few skins here and there. Skins have always been the main attraction when it comes to cosmetics in Overwatch, however they’re also the most costly to develop.

We’re eager to see how Overwatch evolves in 2018 as an experience, but there’s surely going to be no shortage of cosmetic items coming.

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