Overwatch has a huge dedicated fanbase full of eager player pumping endless hours into the game – but none of them can count themselves as dedicated as Treeboydave, who looks to be the world’s first Overwatch player to cross the level 4,000 mark.

Treeboydave has said that Mei is his favorite hero in the game

Treeboydave isn’t a pro player, but a mildly popular streamer from the UK. Hitting this milestone wasn’t even his goal, but rather he’s been doing a self-imposed “quest” to rack up 150 hours of game-time on every hero in Overwatch – a goal he is getting close to completing. Of course, each time Blizzard adds a new hero to the game, that quest becomes extended, but when you play as much as this guy does, it shouldn’t really be a problem.

Currently he’s sitting at Level 4,035 with 2,508 hours played. Commenters under his Reddit post have been doing some armchair math for random trivia, such as calculating that if Treeboydave has been playing since day 1, he would have had to hit an average of 7.93 level-ups each day.

Leveling in Overwatch is cyclical since after each 100th level you loop back to level 1 and start your climb once more, while the numbers still add up. Leveling up gets more and more difficult as you progress through the 1-100 block. In between that and the varied XP yields of different game modes, not to mention the influence of performance, it is impossible to work out a proper average, but nonetheless, this guy has been playing Overwatch in an extremely efficient manner.

His current portrait border, which is the final iteration of border evolution in the game right now.

Treeboydave stated in his Reddit thread that though he is currently unemployed, he achieved the first ~3,300 levels while working a shift job. Almost every day, he streams the game between 1 P.M. and 10 P.M. now that he’s practically a full-time streamer. If someone has been playing the game for as long as Treeboydave has, their style of play is likely highly different than from most others players, so his streams might be an interesting look into some higher level Overwatch. That said, he doesn’t play competitively as he finds other modes more fun.

Many commenters have wondered how someone doesn’t burn out on a game after so much time, and frankly, we’re wondering as well.

Many “specialized” streamers who gear themselves to a single game often burn out after much less playtime. Treeboydave’s self-imposed quest and frequent switching between every single hero in the game may help, not to mention that the stress of playing competitive might contribute to burning out, which isn’t a factor that plays in his case.

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