Blizzard Entertainment has released a short (really, really short) teaser confirming that last year’s Halloween event will be making a return this year. Starting on the 10th of October, Halloween Terror 2017 will see the return of Doctor Junkenstein alongside new exclusive skin for various heroes.

Last year’s event saw the addition of several Halloween themed skins, as well as a PvE mode called Junkenstein’s Revenge, a wave-based horde mode where players are limited to using only McCree, Ana, Hanzo and Soldier: 76.

The mode was considered non-canon, but had a rough internal storyline narrated by Reinhardt. The Junkenstein character exists as an exclusive Junkrat skin and acted as the main antagonist of the mode.

This year’s Halloween Terror is going to feature Junkenstein once more, as he comprises the event’s logo. Whether his return merely heralds the previous Junkernstein’s Revenge mode temporarily returning, or an all-new exclusive event brawl featuring the character, is still a mystery.

The full extent of the new skins has yet to be revealed as well, as the teaser only showed off the new skins of Reaper and McCree, both in poses where not a whole lot can be seen of them. All of Overwatch’s past events brought new – and highly coveted – skins to the table, and always to multiple heroes, so you can bet that these two won’t be the only ones on offer next week.

Of the two skins, Reaper’s is more visible. Instead of sporting a Jack’o’Lantern for a face, this time around he’s more regally dressed with a Count Dracula vibe to his getup. He’s missing his iconic hood and replaces it with a dramatic collar, but keeps his skull-mask which has been slightly altered to be even more sinister than usual.

McCree is sporting what might be a monster-hunter look, meaning not a lot has actually changed about him. The wide-brimmed hat is still there, but his armor has more of a generic fantasy look to it with a lot of straps, leather and a wide red scarf. Though his revolver still looks like a revolver, the deco has been changed to match old wooden-bodies flintlocks. The well-known monster hunter Van Helsing is probably the source of his inspiration.

While last year the costumes took a typical Halloween route of referencing the holiday itself, this year they look to focus on specific aspects of creepy pop culture and folklore. We’re guessing last-year’s skins will also be on sale during the event, joining the new ones, so if you missed out back then, now is your chance to stock up on them.

Overwatch Halloween Terror begins on the 10th of October, next Tuesday.

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