The (now) annual Halloween Terror has begun in Overwatch, bringing back this special game mode and items from last year while also adding new content. The event will last until the 1st of November, so you have about three weeks to grab all the limited goodies before they disappear for yet another year.

Blizzard teased the Halloween event not too long ago with a preview of McCree’s and Reaper’s new skins, as well as a Junkenstein themed logo. Then the company proceeded to accidentally let slip the ads for the event a tad early (which they quickly pulled), outing three other new skins for Mei, Symmetra and Zenyatta. Now, we’ve finally got a full lineup of the new skins and some details on how Junkenstein returns this year.

In total there are 8 new skins, all of which are legendary (not all of last year’s Halloween skins were). Joining McCree, Reaper, Mei, Symmetra and Zenyatta are Torbjörn, Ana and Zarya. We’ve seen McCree’s Van Helsing and Reaper’s Dracula skins first before having the Jiangshi, Cultist and Dragon skins leak.

Our favorite remains Zenyatta’s Cultist, which is quite clearly inspired by Lovecraftian mythos, more specifically the cosmic entity Cthulhu, who is undoubtedly the most widely known of the writer’s creations. The peace-seeking monk trades Buddhism for idol worship and is outfitted with a purple tentacled face, a hood, a sinister robe, a chain for a belt and poly-eyed orbs. His feet are another neat touch, which are also designed to look like tentacles.

We now get a much better look at Reaper’s Dracula skin. This is the first time we see him without a hood but still with his mask (Blackwatch Reyes is shown without a mask, and, well, there’s the pumpkin skin), though the latter got a neat re-design to make it look even more sinister, and is sporting two vampire fangs. In absence of the hood, Reaper popped a large Dracula collar and traded his tactical armor for something more ornate and befitting a Count.

Thematically, not much changed with McCree when he’s wearing his Van Helsing skin. If not for the glowing gauntlet, he wouldn’t look out of place in the Wild West. He is sporting some more fantastical armor with small metal details here and there, plus the color scheme is a lot more muted with grays, blacks and browns dominating the getup. His revolver was also given a wooden finish to make it look more like a flintlock.

We accurately guessed that Symmetra’s skin is based on the dragon aspects from Warcraft lore, as the name “Dragon” seemingly confirms that. Elemental power pulses in her ribcage and mena looking horns adorn her head, though she still looks like an amateur dragon as she hasn’t quite nailed where wings are supposed to go – she’s wearing them around her waist. Her legs and cybernetic arm are adorned in armor much like the Aspects from Warcraft wear when in human form.

Mei’s Jiangshi skin probably only makes sense to you if you know what a Jiangshi is, which is a special variety of vampire found in Chinese folklore. Specifically, a vampire that jumps a lot. The outfit itself is a blue ceremonial Chinese getup with traditional imagery, like a white stork emblazoned across the chest, prayer slip on her hat and jug of wine on her belt.

It’s amazing that it took this long for Torbjörn to get a Viking skin, but it did. Complete with Thor’s hammer, an elaborately decorated beard and horned helmet, the skin is ticking off all the typical viking design elements. His cybernetic crab claw has also been redesigned to resemble a wooden carving of a Fenrir wolf. To top it all off, he’s sporting two axes on his back covered by a shield.

Ana’s Corsair skin turns the kick-ass old lady into a pirate, complete with her own parrot perched on her shoulder (we do not yet know if the parrot is animated). She has a headband, an eyepatch, fancy boots and a captains coat to make the look complete. Her sniper rifle has also gotten a facelift to make it look more like a musket, and it’s kitted out with an oversized bayonet as well.

Finally we have Zarya’s Totally 80’s skin, which kits her out in gear rocking neon pink and teal. Above her garishly colored armor is a torn shirt with the caption “let’s get physical”, and under it is a violet leotard. Oh, and then there’s here hair – don’t even get us started on the hair. Crazily done up with a single dual-colored lock, it absolutely captures the look which somehow everyone in the 2010’s thinks people thirty years ago looked like.

Junkenstein’s Revenge returns this year with some more features. Everything from last year is still here, but now we get a new map in the face of spooky Hollywood. The regular horde mode with the boss characters can be played with three friends, as well as in a new endless mode with additional heroes made available and a leaderboard tracking those players who survive the most waves.

A bunch of other commemorative items are also available, like emotes and highlights which are only available while the event lasts from the jack’o’lantern lootboxes. Halloween Terror lasts until the 1st of November, 2017.

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