Days ago Blizzard posted a short teaser for this year’s Halloween Terror event, which is returning from last year. Boasting a number of unique thematic skins as well as a PvE horde mode called Junkenstein’s Revenge, Halloween Terror was memorable last year mainly for the new designs that some heroes got referencing typical spooky costumes.

This year won’t be too different.

While we haven’t gotten a confirmation of this, chances are Junkenstein’s Revenge will be making a comeback. Not only was Junkenstein shown in the event’s logo, but considering how Lúcioball came back for the summer games, it would fit the bill for Blizzard to recycle this thematic event as well. That said, we’d love to see the idea expanded upon, possibly with another map and new enemies added to the mix.

That said, the skins are bound to be the main attraction once more. The short teaser posted to Twitter showed off Reaper’s and McCree’s new skins, which are seemingly based on Count Dracula and Van Helsing, respectively. Reaper’s skin ditches the hood in favor of a bangin’ tall collar and elegant coat, while McCree goes standard dark fantasy with way too many belt buckles and a glowing magic gauntlet.

The leaks come from some ads for the event going up on sites prematurely, though we’re more than skeptical about whether it was truly accidental. Nonetheless, the ever-vigilant watchdogs of the internet grabbed some screens before the ads were inevitably pulled, and now the genie is out of the bottle.

Those skins we know about are for Mei, Symmetra and Zenyatta. Additionally, a new image of Reaper’s Dracula skin has also surfaced, showing him off in his signature hyper-edgy holding-guns-across-chest pose.

Mei’s new skin is based on what fans believe are a special kind of vampire present in Chinese folklore, called a “Jiangshi”, which could be translated as a hopping vampire – kind of like Spring-heeled Jack, but with fancier clothes and deeper cultural roots. The skin itself sees Mei don what to the untrained eye looks like a blue traditional ceremonial Chinese outfit complete with a hat that has a bit of prayer paper attached, as well as mech-hands, for some reason. The jutting-out Vampire teeth are also present.

Symmetra’s new skin looks less like something Halloween related and more like a Warcraft crossover, considering it looks terribly similar to how the Dragon Aspects, especially Deathwing, are depicted in Blizzard’s other franchise. The armored torso with the molten “ravine” running down the center coupled with that particular horn design are almost identical to that of the Cataclysm expansion’s big baddie, and the armored gauntlet also looks like the kind of thing a raid boss would drop.

We might be mistaken here, but this might be the first time other Blizz IP bled over into Overwatch, even if the opposite happening has been really common since the game’s launch (how Widowmaker doesn’t have a Kerrigan skin is beyond us).

Our favorite of the leaked bunch has to be Zenyatta’s Lovecraftian cosmic horror look. Taking a character whose lore paints them as an enlightened seeker of peace, and then making them look like freaking Cthulhu is a stroke of genius, not to mention the skin itself looks superb. While full authenticity would require any enemy in whose line of sight Zenyatta appears wearing this skin should go insane, that would likely be far too OP. We just hope one of his new voice lines is “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn”.

We doubt this is the full extent of the new skins present in the Halloween Terror 2017 event, but you won’t need to wait long to find out because the event itself begins on October 10th, this Tuesday.

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