The 6 crossover skins bringing a taste of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo to Overwatch aren’t the only way Blizzard is blending their other properties with the team-based competitive shooter. A new map coming to the game sometime soon will be set in a fictional theme park designed around the holy trinity of Blizzard properties.

The map, called “Blizzard World”, is a hybrid, and will be added to the game full sometime next year, probably alongside the crossover skins, but it will be available on the PTR very soon to allow for ample testing. The map’s design draws primarily from World of Warcraft based on the screenshots, with large areas dedicated to Starcraft and Diablo as well as smaller sections styled after Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm.

Visible from the screenshots are Stormwind City’s Valley of Heroes and Trade District, a Protoss Nexus and Terran Ghost Academy and what might be Tristram Cathedral.

The trailer for the map reveals other landmarks, with more of Stormwind’s color-coded districts, which might indicate that the whole map is based on the human capital city from Warcraft lore, but with the districts populated by references to other franchises as well.

A floating undead Necropolis can be seen, as well as the Diamond Gates of the High Heavens from Diablo. A lone Zerg Overlord is floating around as well.

Hearthstone is referenced by an inn area, likely as a stand-in for the cafeteria of the theme park, with a few actual Hearthstone boards set up on the tables, while the Heroes of the Storm arcade is a game room with an interior decor based on the crossover MOBA.

This map seemingly canonizes Blizzard being an actual company in the Overwatch lore, I just hope we don’t need to wait until a few decades from now for an actual Blizzard theme park to open in the real world.

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