For all its gameplay nuance and intricate level design, everyone’s playing Overwatch for the skins, right?


In any case, the game’s newest hero, Moira, who was announced at Blizzcon 2017, is available to play in the public test realm.

Moira was playable for attendees at Blizzcon and most reported a fun but challenging hero who requires extensive resource management and quite a bit of skill in order not to fail miserably. Her combo of high damage and high healing output will certainly be a tough skill set to balance properly, especially in the ever-fluid balance state of the game.

Overwatch has been in sore need of a new healer considering the support role was the smallest in terms of hero count (with one hero in said count not even being able to perform healing). Mercy has dominated the healing scene and is a necessary pick for all comps ever since her rework resulted in an incredibly OP hero, and she’s still a top pick after several nerfs. While a second pure healer to rival Mercy would have been best, Moira is also bound to mix things up.

The Talon Geneticist combines life-steal damage abilities with various healing skills to back up her own team. Two of her abilities have two modes each, one of which damages enemies while the other is essentially the same ability but heals allies. Her ult combines the two effects by firing a single sustained beam that selectively heals and damages allies and enemies caught in it.

Moira came to the PTR with her full set of cosmetics, meaning players got a taste of what all of her skins will look like in-game. Before we got a piece of concept art for one of her legendaries, Glam, which was clearly based off one of David Bowie’s iconic looks. That skin ended up making the cut for the final version and is joined by a few other sweet looking outfits.

The basic selection of common and rare skins all bring various recolors of her default skin, with red, green purple and orange being in the 75 credit tier as well as white and silver/dark green in the 250 credit tier. Her two sets of legendaries are comprised of one outfit based on the aesthetic direction of Oasis, where she has a cover-identity, and the other is the Glam variant we’re already familiar with.

If you want to give Moira a spin and help Blizzard balance her in the meantime, head on over to the PTR.

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