Cheese strategies are loved by some and hated by many. We fall into the former group and enjoy nothing more than seeing absolutely broken plans coming together in ways that turn the rules of a game inside out for an advantage, while the enemy’s futile attempts are rebounded.

What’s better is seeing professional teams cheese their way to victory, which was exactly what happened during the Overwatch World Cup Finals that coincided with Blizzcon recently.

France was up against China, and after a particularly fierce game between the two mostly evenly matched teams in the comp went into overtime, France used a particular Bastion tactic which just might be worthy of being used as an official definition of what cheesing a game means.

Their strategy took them to victory with a final score of 6 to 5, but the reaction of many fans and players was less than savory. In our case, however, the French Overwatch team just became our favorite.

In the overtime phase of the match, France was escorting with a comp of Bastion, Reinhardt, Mercy, Zenyatta, Orisa and Junkrat.

They put their Bastion on top of the moving payload in Sentry configuration while being buffed by Mercy and protected by Orisa’s and Rein’s barriers. This turtle setup was initially untouchable for the Chinese team, especially while Junkrat and Zenyatta were running interference.

The turtle’s shell was eventually broken, but even after the French Bastion was physically off the payload, the team managed to keep up the same strategy and push forward. Bastion’s ult charged and that allowed them to break a strong push from the Chinese team later down the line. Effective use of Zenyatta’s debuff abilities further strengthened their progress, while the Chinese Bastion was constantly harassed by the French Junkrat to prevent a similar tactic from being used as a counter.

Watching this strategy unfold in a World Cup match was truly a thing of beauty, and it succeeding makes it more so. France advanced to the next segment of the tournament, and Bastion players all over the world now have one specific gif to whip out whenever their pick is called unviable for competitive play.

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