The wait for the most anticipated hero to be added to Overwatch is now over. Doomfist, joining the very short list of melee heroes, can now be played on servers in all regions.

Doomfist has been teased by Blizzard for a long time now, with references to him appearing as early as in the game’s cinematic trailer. He has been playable on the PTR servers for some time though allowing players to get a feel for his abilities and skills.

As a melee DPS hero, Doomfist is considered by many to be something of a glass cannon, in spite of a large health pool and shields, due to having the most hard-counters in the game (Reaper, Widowmaker, Sombra, Pharah, McCree, Orisa, Zarya and Tracer all have abilities that can shut him down easily) and his reliance on specific combos.

However, in many situations, Doomfist can secure multiple eliminations and bust tanks with his devastating combos.

Much of Doomfist’s damage dealing relies on knockback effects which amplify his output when the target is knocked into a wall, such as when using Rocket Punch. This can easily be set-up with a well timed Seismic Slam. Additionally, Rising Uppercut is a decent way to counter enemy abilities and his ultimate is great for multi-kills.

Doomfist isn’t expected to shake up the current meta at all, but he can be a helpful addition to many team compositions. He is certainly a fun hero to play with his abilities being obvious homages to 2D fighting games.

To mark the occasion of his induction to the game, Blizzard released a hero introduction video which shows him wrecking the Numbani airport, and then repeatedly punching other heroes from one map into another. Oh, and lest Blizzard break tradition, McCree gets killed mid-ult again (that’s the fourth hero intro video where that happens, for those of you keeping count).

Doomfist isn’t the only addition to the game with this update, however. The new lootbox system, which reduces the probability of rolling duplicates while increasing the credit yield for selling dupes when they do drop has gone live, and various changes to the punishment system have also made their way into the game.

Prime among them, as far as the community is concerned, is the tweak to Reinhardt’s hammer hit detection and a +10% boost to the attack speed of the hammer. Oh, and his skins where the hammer is actually an axe? They got axe sounds instead of hammer sounds.

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