Doomfist, the hero who has been a long awaited addition to Overwatch, will finally be made available on regular servers on July 27. Hints about this hero have been seeded into the game since the very start, and he’s been playable on the PTR (public test realm) since the 6th.

This offense hero is the only one who has been mentioned in the game’s lore since the very beginning however isn’t yet in the game as a playable character, until now. The Overwatch cinematic trailer featured Doomfist’s cybernetic gauntlet prominently, and the Numbani map has a trio of posters showing all three individuals ever to wear the Doomfist monicker, though the last and current version was obscured.

The fact that Doomfist would be coming to Overwatch as a playable character was first confirmed via a leak on the 24th of June when a PTR crash log referred to him by name, as well as the Summer Games event. Ever since then players have been hyped up about the hero with speculation running wild – will he be offense, or a tank?

After the secret was out, famous actor and avid gamer Terry Crews publicly tried to land the voice role, but ultimately it was given to Sahr Ngaujah, which considering the character’s origins was likely a better pick, something Crews said himself.

Doomfist will be a primarily melee-oriented hero with a basic shotgun-like ranged (we say “ranged”, but even this has a very short effective range) primary attack. In spite of not being a tank, Doomfist is geared to deal and soak damage, even though he can’t do too much of the latter. The design mentality with this hero was paying homage to 2D fighting games. As such, his attacks are accompanied by flaunty animations and are quite exaggerated.

Abilities include a passive ability that adds 30 points to his barrier per regular ability hit and 75 for ultimate ability hits, up to a maximum of 150 with a -3/seccond decay, giving Doomfist a very aggressive playstyle. While Reaper relies on killing things to stay alive, with Doomfist you just need to make sure you’re punching things to stay alive, which fits the character’s name very well.

His active abilities are all about getting close to the enemy and then pounding them into the ground. Seismic Slam sees the character leap forward and bash the ground releasing a physics-defying shockwave that knocks enemies towards him (as opposed to away from him). This can be followed up by the Rising Uppercut which deals 50 points of damage and knocks enemies into the air, or the charged ability Rocket Punch, launching Doomfist forward, knocking enemies back and dealing damage.

Doomfist’s ultimate doesn’t subvert the theme of punching things either. Meteor Strike is the logical result of trying to come up with an AoE ability performed by punching. Doomfist leaps high into the air and slams into the ground with his gauntlet dealing massive damage to all enemies around him within range.

Since the multiplayer matches in Overwatch are not a reliable way to convey narrative (due to the Overwatch/Talon hybrid team compositions, the game itself isn’t even canon, technically), players can learn about Doomfist’s background and motivations through comics and animated shorts, as with every other hero in the game.

Real name Akande Ogundimu, Doomfist spent his childhood as the heir to a vast prosthetics corporation, though martial arts were his passion. After losing his right arm during the Omnic Crisis, he was barred from competitions due to his cybernetics being seen as unleveling the playing field. Disillusioned with a corporate future, he proved susceptible to the temptations offered by the previous Doomfist, who recruited him into Talon.

Eventually, the student outgrew his master, killed him and took the legendary gauntlet for himself. After rising high in the ranks within Talon, a fateful encounter with Overwatch saw him stripped of his signature weapon and imprisoned. Years later, in the present, Talon operatives assisted his escape from prison, and after some in-fighting, Akande rose to the peak of the organization which he governs with an iron – or whatever sci-fi metal that thing is made of – fist.

Less than a week from now, Doomfist will be available to all players in Overwatch.

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