Overwatch is about to dip as deep into the fanservice pool as it can without drowning in meta references.

Announced at Blizzcon 2017, the Blizzard World map is now playable on the Overwatch PTR, allowing players to take a look at and get a feel of the theme park hybrid map that mashes Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo together.

We got a pretty good look at what the map will look like thanks to an introductory video and screenshots upon announcement, however we’re betting fans will find a ton of easter eggs hidden around the park now that they can explore it themselves.

The floor plan of the map seems to be very roughly based on Stormwind City from World of Warcraft, with the various districts filled with attractions based on other themes, like a large Nexus and Ghost Academy from Starcraft and the Tristram Cathedral from Diablo. Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone are also commemorated with their respective locations.

This self-referential map lined up with the multiple crossover skins also announced at the event, which bring a taste of the holy trinity of Blizzard IP to Overwatch, with Butcher Roadhog, Nova Widowmaker and Magni Torbjörn being just a few examples. These aren’t in the game yet, nor are they present in the PTR, however we have a very broad release window of early 2018.

The update bringing the new map to PTR also fielded a number of bug fixes for players to test, some of which were functional like allowing Moira to pass through characters with fade, while others were visual like fixing an issue where Moira’s eyelashed detached from her face.

A feature is also ripe for testing which allows players to disable A.I. from the custom lobby menu. A semi-notorious Junkertown performance glitch was also fixed. We’re guessing these minor changes will be published to live sooner than the map itself.

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