The new hero, Moira, wasn’t the only news regarding Overwatch to come out of Blizzcon.

Not too long ago we mentioned how odd it is that there haven’t been any crossover skins in the game with other Blizzard properties, and it seems the guys working on Overwatch had similar thoughts. Coming soon to regular lootboxes is a line of hero skins designed after iconic characters from the Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo universes.

We got something of a preview that this will happen when Symmetra’s Halloween Terror 2017 skin was based on Warcraft’s Deathwing, the main villain of the MMO’s expansion Cataclysm and secondary character in the War of the Ancients book trilogy. That said, the skin in question wasn’t a direct homage, but rather used many stylistic cues from the character.

However, the incoming skins are intended and designed to be clear references to these other properties, and the best thing is they won’t be time event exclusives, but available through standard lootboxes persistently.

A total of 8 new skins are coming in one batch, with 6 crossover skins and 2 based on cinematic shorts made for Overwatch detailing the pasts of specific heroes. The crossover skins are distributed with 2 for each property in the holy trinity.

Starcraft is represented by Widowmaker’s Nova and Orisa’s Immortal skin. The Nova skin completely swaps out Widowmaker’s model for a 1:1 copy of Nova, as Terran Ghost special operative. The two characters were quite similar visually anyway, but this is the one skin in the lineup which is less “based on” and rather literally is the other character. Orisa’s Immortal looks more like Orisa than it does the four-legged Protoss mech, but the iconic Pharaoh-like head detailing is there, as well as other details, like the iconic blue crystals of the Protoss.

Roadhog and Zarya are clad in Diablo skins, both based off characters that appeared in more than one game from the franchise, but took their latest iterations from 3 as a basis for the skins. Roadhog’s Butcher is a homage to the iconic boss, complete with meathook and an apron reading “fresh meat” written in blood. He’s also sporting horns and profane writing on his gun. Zarya, on the other hand, is wearing a Barbarian armor set complete with furs and tattoos, while her huge cannon got a mighty weapon do-over.

Warcraft is brought into the world of Overwatch by Torbjörn as Magni Bronzebeard and Doomfist as Blackhand. Magni Bronzebeard is the leader of the Ironforge dwarves, and the skin represents his armor, beard and crown perfectly while adding dwarvish iconography to elements of the hero that could not be changed, like his pincer-like cybernetic arm. Doomfist, on the other hand, doesn’t look too much like an Orc, but rather resembles a really really enthusiastic Blackhand cosplayer.

The two skins based on cinematics were added for Mei and Reinhardt. Mei’s skin is based on the outfit she wore at Ecopoint: Antarctica where she and her fellow scientists escaped into cryostasis to survive a storm, but only she came out alive. Reinhardt’s Crusader skin, on the other hand, features a young Rein wearing armor as seen in the Honor and Glory cinematic, also released during Blizzcon.

Beyond these skins, additional emotes, highlight intros and other goodies will become available early 2018.

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  • L 7 CHAPEL

    Does anyone know( and I would appreciate your time and answer very much) are these skins coming to all versions?I game on Xbox One, or, are they exclusive to the PC version ?