Overwatch Group Finding Guide

Because Heroes Play Together… We all know that Overwatch is a massive hit. In the year alone since it launched, the game’s player base increased to over 30 million. However, if you’re playing without a proper group and just hop into random matches, it can be easy to feel alone amidst a sea of players. […]

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Competitive Play Guide

Competition can make matches that much more thrilling and rewarding. Ranked games in Overwatch scratch this particular itch, allowing the best players across the world to compare their skills to one another and rise to the top of the global leaderboards. So how does competitive play in Overwatch work exactly? Competitive Points One of the […]

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Bastion Hero Guide

Bastion is a giant walking and (somewhat) talking Gatling gun, capable of transforming between an agile reconnaissance mode and a devastating stationary turret. His play style is more straightforward than other heroes, meaning he’s a great character for beginners to jump into. In Overwatch lore, Bastion is just one of many Bastion robot units that […]

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