Symmetra is a defensive support hero that bends light into matter. She can construct multiple mini-laser turrets, project a moving shield that blocks projectiles, buff her team with a Shield Generator, and create a Teleporter that instantly warps allies across a map.

In Overwatch lore, Satya Vaswani was a gifted child capable of bending light and reality. She was taken from a life of poverty by the Vishkar Corporation, an Indian company that specialized in building self-sustaining cities for large swaths of the population that were displaced by the Omnic Crisis.

She quickly grasped Vishkar’s light bending technology, and began using it in her own experiments. Vishkar saw potential in young Satya. They gave her the name Symmetra and sent her on illusive missions around the world to expand Vishkar’s corporate interests.

Symmetra is reviled by Lucio, who can see Vishkar for what it really is: a gigantic company that uses brute force to build a more orderly society.

Symmetra is a unique support: she doesn’t heal her teammates directly, but she does provide numerous benefits that can keep her allies alive longer. She’s also the only character in Overwatch that has two separate Ultimate abilities to choose from: Teleporter and Shield Generator.

Symmetra performs extremely well at both close-range and long-range encounters, and she can be a deadly adversary if left unchecked. By mastering Symmetra, you can create a protective network of turrets and shields that will leave your enemy frustrated and confused.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Lethal DPS primary makes Symmetra a fearsome close quarter combatant
  • Teleporter replaced Mercy’s nerfed Ultimate as the best means to “resurrect” an entire team quickly
  • Sentry Turrets act as a warning system and defensive barrier


  • Sentry Turrets are easy to destroy and have a long cooldown
  • Teleporter and Shield Generator are only effective if they’re hidden, and are instantly destroyed when the enemy captures an objective or checkpoint
  • Lack of traditional healing abilities means Symmetra can’t “solo-heal” a team


Base Stats

  • Health: 100
  • Shields: 100
  • Armor: None

Main Attack: Photon Projector Beam

  • Description: Symmetra projects a beam of light that automatically connects to a target within range, dealing increased damage over time.
  • Damage: 30 DPS (instant), 60 DPS (1 second), 120 DPS (2 seconds)
  • Ammo: 100
  • Range: 7 meters

Symmetra’s Photon Projector Beam is a fearsome weapon. Capable of outputting an insane amount of DPS as long as Symmetra is continuously attacking, her Photon Projector Beam can melt whole tanks and even entire teams.

Photon Projector Beam has three levels of damage. You can check which level you’re at by looking at Symmetra’s gun, which has a growing dial in the center that shows the strength of her beam at any given time. The beam also grows noticeably larger and louder as it builds up to Level 3 (similar to how Zarya’s gun grows stronger as she absorbs damage).

Level 1: At Level 1, Symmetra’s Photon Projector Beam (PPB) deals 30 damage per second. PPB starts at Level 1 as soon as Symmetra fires, regardless of whether she is attacking someone or not. PPB slowly reverts back to Level 1 if Sym losing contact with her opponent, or if she stops to reload.

Level 2: At Level 2, Symmetra’s PPB deals 60 DPS. PPB reaches Level 2 after 1 second of continuous fire. The beam grows visually larger and the center dial on her gun gains another notch.

Level 3: At Level 3, Symmetra’s PPB deals 120 DPS. PPB reaches Level 3 after 2 seconds of continuous fire. The beam is much larger and louder at this point, and can eliminate most heroes at full-health within 2 seconds.

Note that you can sustain Level 3 as long as Symmetra is constantly attacking someone. It takes 4 seconds for her beam to reset to Level 1, whereas it only takes 2 seconds to fully charge to Level 3.

Tips for attacking

  • Symmetra’s Photon Projector Beam “magnetically” targets opponents, meaning she doesn’t require precision aiming to deal damage.
  • Because of the self-aim mechanic, Symmetra players should close in on their opponents, jumping and strafing as much as possible in order to distract them while dealing damage.
  • Attack from behind to charge PPB to Level 2-3 before your enemy has time to react. Symmetra is actually an excellent flanker because of this.
  • PPB has a very short-range, so only initiate an attack if you’re close to an opponent.
  • Use Photon Barrier to close in on an opponent, then latch onto them with your PPB to bring them down.
  • Note that Symmetra’s alternate fire can bypass enemy shields, but her photon beam cannot.

Alternative Attack: Photon Projector Orbs

  • Description: Symmetra’s alternate attack launches a chargeable energy orb that can bypass enemy shields.
  • Charged Damage: 25-125 (max charge at 2 seconds)
  • Ammo: 100 (20 per charge)

Not content with a short-range self-aiming photon beam? Symmetra’s alternate fire gives her long-range capabilities as well, and makes her a fierce counter to shield-hugging opponents like Orisa, Reinhardt. Winston and Bastion.

Similar to Reinhardt’s Fire Strike, Symmetra’s Photon Projector Orbs can pass through shields and enemies, meaning she can damage multiple targets at once. In general, you should always be launching photon orbs in your opponents direction as a way to deter them from charging into your team.

Photon orbs can be charged to deal more damage. It helps to always charge your orbs before firing. Fully charged orbs are ideal for stationary targets like Bastion and Torbjorn turrets, while half-charged shots can weaken opponents and provide suppressive fire.

Note that you can’t save a fully-charged shot to shoot at the right moment. As soon as an orb is fully-charged, it will launch automatically.

Tips for Photon Orbs

  • Use photon orbs to damage Reinhardt and force him to relocate.
  • Use photon orbs against clusters of opponents, or enemies riding the payload.
  • Use photon orbs to contest choke points.
  • Always spam half-charged photon orbs towards the enemy. Even hitting one opponent will deal enough damage to severely weaken them.
  • Take cover between each shot so the enemy can’t pinpoint your position while you’re charging another orb.
  • You can fully-charge an orb even if you only have 1 ammo left.

Ability 1: Sentry Turret

  • Description: A small constructible turret that can be placed on any surface. Automatically damages and slows enemies when they’re within range.
  • Number of Turrets: 6
  • Turret Health: 1 HP
  • Damage: 25 DPS (150 DPS if all 6 turrets connect)
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds per turret (stacks up to 6)
  • Duration: Turret lasts until it’s destroyed or is replaced by a new turret (see below for more details)

Symmetra Sentry Turrets are her bread & butter. She can construct up to 6 turrets at a time and attach them to nearly any surface in the game. This opens an endless amount of creative plays.

Sentry Turrets are excellent at deterring enemies from charging ahead, slowing agile opponents down, and creating hostile “webs” which Symmetra can then guard like an HP sucking spider.

How Sentry Turrets work

  • Sentry Turrets attack any enemies within 30 feet.
  • Turrets can be placed on almost any surface, including moving objects, floors, ceilings and walls.
  • Turret damage stacks up to 150 DPS.
  • Turrets also slow down affected targets. The more turrets that hit a target, the slower they’ll move.
  • Turrets will automatically attack any constructed object: Widowmaker’s Venom Mine, Junkrats mine and trap, Orisa’s Supercharger, Torbjorn’s Turret.
  • Turrets will attack Zarya’s barrier shields, meaning she can absorb the damage of your turrets to become stronger.
  • You can jump and place turrets at the same time.
  • You can only place 6 turrets at a time. If you place a turret down after the 6th turret, the new turret will replace the oldest turret that’s still on the map.

Faster Ultimate charge using Sentry Turrets

Most defending Symmetra players know that they can boost the speed at which they gain their Ultimate by placing Sentry Turrets right outside of the enemy’s spawn room before a match begins. While they’ll likely be destroyed before dealing any significant damage, just by trapping heroes at the beginning of the match Symmetra can boost the initial amount of Ultimate that’s charged. It could mean the difference between getting a Teleporter up right before a huge team kill occurs.

Tips for placing Sentry Turrets

  • Avoid packing all 6 turrets together. They’re easy to destroy in clusters. Instead, scatter your turrets around a room and attach them above and below your opponents’ path. This will force them to turn and locate each turret, or wander through and suffer damage.
  • Always reset your turrets to the most immediate situation at hand. Is there a Tracer sneaking around behind your team? Set up turrets that will prevent her from getting too close.
  • Always have all 6 turrets active on the playing field. Otherwise you’re wasting potential damage that you could be dealing.
  • Don’t place turrets where enemies can see them beforehand. Locations such as above a doorway, around corners and behind foliage and obstacles are ideal for her turrets.
  • Sentry Turrets act like an advanced warning system. Symmetra can see on her HUD when a Sentry Turret is dealing damage. In theory, this means Symmetra can communicate with her team when she suspects an enemy is passing through one of her turrets.
  • Consider dropping some Sentry Turrets on the ground while in combat. It will slow your opponents down and force them to take their eyes off of you for a second.

Enemies that easily counter Sentry Turrets

Sentry Turrets only have 1 HP and are easy to destroy. The following enemies can make short work of Symmetra’s turrets.

  • Winston’s Tesla Cannon is ideal for clearing a room or doorway full of Symmetra’s turrets.
  •’s Fusion Cannons are great at eliminating turrets from a distance.
  • Junkrat’s grenades and Concussion Mines can be fired and detonated inside rooms to clear out Sentry Turrets.
  • Zarya’s explosive shots deal splash damage and are effective at clearing out Sentry Turrets.
  • Pharah’s rockets can destroy turrets from a distance.

Ability 2: Photon Barrier

  • Description: Symmetra propels a small, sturdy energy shield that travels in a straight line, blocking enemy projectiles.
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds
  • Shield Strength: 1000 HP
  • Range: 20 meters

Photon Barrier allows Symmetra to shield her allies from incoming projectiles while carving a path through an enemy’s defense. It’s a powerful tool for attackers to counter Bastion and Torbjorn turrets, but it’s also handy for defenders, as it adds an additional 1000 HP shield to the battle every 10 seconds.

How Photon Barrier works

  • Photon Barrier continues to move indefinitely unless the center of the barrier hits an object, or the barrier itself is destroyed.
  • Photon Barrier moves through enemies and allies without shattering.
  • Photon Barrier moves at about the same speed as most characters.

Tips for using Photon Barrier

  • Photon Barrier is excellent for progressing through an enemies defense. Consider using it against Bastion, Orisa, Widowmaker and Hanzo in order to move your team from one spot to another.
  • Photon Barrier protects against Roadhog’s Hook. A well-timed barrier can save yourself or an ally from taking damage right after being hooked.
  • Use Photon Barrier to protect yourself against McCree’s Deadeye,’s Self-Destruct, Roadhog’s Whole Hog and Pharah’s Barrage.
  • Use Photon Barrier to help slower allies like McCree and Zarya reach better positions.

Ultimate 1: Teleporter

  • Description: Symmetra constructs a teleportation pad anywhere on the map, which instantly creates an additional teleporter in her team’s spawn room. Allies can warp through the teleporter to reach a fight faster.
  • Health: 50 HP, 350 Shield (400 HP total)
  • Number Teleportations per Teleporter: 6
  • Duration: Lasts until either it’s destroyed, all charges have been depleted, or until Symmetra’s spawn room has changed

With a variety of uses and game changing potential, Symmetra’s Teleporter is one of the most interesting Ultimate abilities in Overwatch. Although it doesn’t bring heroes back to the fight as fast as Mercy’s Resurrection, it does allow your team to skip walking from the spawn room all the way back to the battle.

Strategic placement can mean the difference between losing an objective or holding your ground for an entire match. Sneaky Symmetra’s can even plant a Teleporter behind enemy lines, completely disrupting the flow of battle on hotly contested Control maps.

How Teleporter works

  • When Symmetra places a Teleporter on a map, a corresponding Teleporter appears in her spawn room, connecting the two.
  • When placing a Teleporter, the arrows at the bottom indicate where allies will exit from. They exit opposite the direction Symmetra is facing when she places a Teleporter.
  • Each Teleporter has 6 charges. You can check how many charges you have left looking at your Ultimate gauge at the bottom of the screen.
  • Allies that emerge from a Teleporter leave a blue shimmering trail behind them.
  • You cannot use a Teleporter to return to your spawn room.
  • Once a checkpoint has been made (by either you or the enemy) your Teleporter is instantly destroyed. Symmetra’s Ultimate charge is refunded based on how many charges were left on her Teleporter. Each charge takes -17 away from 100 Ultimate charge. If no one used your Teleporter and you have all 6 charges remaining, you’ll be fully refunded.
  • Use your “Ultimate Status” notification to tell your team how many charges are left on your Teleporter. There’s no other way for them to know unless you communicate via voice chat.

Tips for using Teleporter

  • Always hide your Teleporter where the enemy can’t make direct line of sight with it. Inside rooms, behind walls and objects, and above the playing field are good places to hide a Teleporter.
  • On Defense: Teleporter is extremely useful for holding Point A, because defenders usually have a long trek to make from their spawn to Point A. In general, try to tuck your Teleporter in a room between your spawn and Point A, which forces the attacking team to go behind the actual objective in order to hunt for your Teleporter.
  • On Attack: While it’s unconventional, a Teleporter on attack can be a bit of a surprise to the enemy. Defended properly, you can use a Teleporter while trying to attack Point B to skip the distance required to reach the objective.
  • Be mindful of any enemy Widowmakers: her Infra-Sight Ultimate ability allows her entire team to see your team’s position. This can potentially reveal your Teleporter’s location if you place one while her ultimate is active.

How enemies can locate your Teleporter

  • Any enemy that’s close to your Teleporter (but unable to see it) will alert their team that your team has one.
  • Any enemy that makes line of sight with your Teleporter will alert their team that they’ve found it.
  • The following enemies are adept at hunting and finding Symmetra’s Teleporter (or Shield Generator): Tracer, Reaper, Genji,, Winston.

Ultimate 2: Shield Generator

  • Description: Symmetra constructs a Shield Generator that envelops all nearby teammates with a rechargeable shield.
  • Shields Generated: +75 per character within range
  • Health: 50 HP, 350 Shield (400 HP total)
  • Range: 50 meters
  • Duration: Lasts until it’s destroyed, or until Symmetra’s spawn room has changed

Symmetra is currently the only character in Overwatch that has two Ultimates to choose from. This is mainly due to the fact that her Teleporter becomes obsolete after Point A. Although Teleporter is a strong defensive ability, it loses all of its potential if Point A is captured by the enemy. Preparing your secondary defense for Point B now rests heavily on Symmetra’s Shield Generator.

Likewise, Symmetra is much more effective on Attack and Control maps thanks Shield Generator. Attackers can overwhelm an enemy with their additional shields, capturing Point A with brute force.

Like other personal shields in the game, Symmetra’s Shield Generator grants +75 shields to every ally within range. Your team will know they’re within range because a little bubble noise will alert them, and the blue HP that denotes a shield will be added to their health bar.

Shields act lack regular HP, but regenerate over time. Allies that have their own shield (like Symmetra, Zarya and Zenyatta) will still gain the additional +75 shield strength.

The mechanics for Shield Generator are almost identical to Symmetra’s Teleporter. Enemies will alert their team when they’re near your Shield Generator, and it can be destroyed just like your Teleporter can be.

When to use Shield Generator instead of Teleporter

  • When attacking Point A.
  • When defending Point B.
  • When playing on a Control map.
  • When a Teleporter isn’t necessary for defending Point A and you’d rather have additional shields.

General Tips & Strategy

Be aggressive. Especially if you have a Teleporter set up that you can use, there’s always an opportunity to flank your opponent and begin melting them from behind. More often than not, Symmetra isn’t seen as a huge threat, so the enemy likely won’t react quick enough, especially if they’re already engaged in a big battle.

Be defensive. Symmetra can deal plenty of damage from the backline by firing photon orbs and casting Photon Barrier to help her team stay alive. Place Sentry Turrets around the objective and protect your supports from any attackers that try to flank or dive into your team’s backline.

Spread out your Sentry Turrets. Rather than clumping them together, place two on either side of a door, two within range of an objective and two near a health pack or flanking corridor.

Remember to cast Photon Barrier whenever it’s available to block incoming shots and protect your team from enemy attacks.

Defending your Teleporter or Shield Generator with Sentry Turrets can be a good idea to deter attackers. It’s also worth staying nearby your Teleporter, as the enemy will likely send a scout to destroy it.

Specific Map Tips

Symmetra is more viable on Defense than Attack. Her Sentry Turrets and Teleporter are designed for defending an objective rather than attacking one, but by no means does this mean she can’t be used to great effect on Attack or Control maps.

Temple of Anubis

A popular Symmetra map for Defense. Most attackers take the right hand approach, which leads them through a series a compact rooms. Symmetra can fire Photon Orbs through the rooms from relative safety, while adding Sentry Turrets to bolster her teams defense. The rooms behind Point A are ideal for placing and guarding a Teleporter.


Defenders should construct Sentry Turrets around the first choke point. Place 2 turrets above the left doorway, 2-3 turrets on the stone archway, and a turret or two in the right room. Symmetra can then fire Photon Orbs from a safe distance behind her team’s shields, or lurk in a room to prey on would-be flankers. The wooden lodge behind Point A serves as an excellent Teleport location, as does the tower in the center of the square which can be easily defended.


Hanamura has plenty of sneaky places for a defending Symmetra to place her turrets, Teleporter and Shield Generator. For turrets, consider lining the giant wooden gate in front of Point A. You can also attach turrets to the large bell that’s inside Point A. Behind Point A there is an elevated path with a small health pack. Hide a Teleporter or Shield Generator here, which forces the enemy to maneuver behind the objective in order to destroy it. While defending Point B, use the right hand passage behind the objective to construct a Shield Generator, and cover the left and righthand entrances to the objective with Sentry Turrets.


Symmetra excels at removing highly mobile heroes from a fight, thanks to her auto-aiming photon beam. If Genji or Tracer is being particularly troublesome, consider using Symmetra as a hard counter to these speedy characters.

Symmetra Counters

Reinhardt: Symmetra’s Photon Orbs pass through enemy shields, making her one of the few characters in the game that can disrupt Reinhardt when he has his shield up. While Photon Orbs won’t damage the integrity of his shield itself, they will damage Reinhardt, forcing him to relocate or retreat for healing.

Orisa: Like Reinhardt, Orisa tends to hide behind her shield along with a Bastion or Torbjorn turret. Symmetra can counter this by lobbing Photon Orbs in Orisa’s direction.

Genji: Genji can be tricky for most players to target, and his Deflect is especially annoying when you think you’ve got him pegged. Symmetra counters both his agility and Deflect ability, since he can’t reflect her self-aiming Photon Beam.

Symmetra is countered by

Winston: Winston is a go-to pick for countering Symmetra, mainly because his Tesla Cannon can clear her Sentry Turrets with one sweep. He can dive into an enemy’s defense to clear out her turrets, Teleporter or Shield Generator, forcing her into a perpetual race to cooldown her turrets and build a new defense.

Pharah: Pharah can dodge most of Symmetra’s Sentry Turrets while flying in the air. Her rockets deal splash damage, which makes it easy to destroy Sentry Turrets that are clustered together. Symmetra’s Photon Beam can’t reach Pharah in the air, and her Photon Orbs are easy to dodge from a distance.

Doomfist: Doomfist’s melee abilities can pass through Symmetra’s Photon Barrier, making short work of anyone hiding behind one. Because they’re both close-range fighters, Doomfist can easily use his Rocket Punch against Symmetra before she drains too much of his HP.


Rare Skins

Symmetra’s Rare skins are colored variations of her Classic skin—a light blue and golden Vishkar uniform with black leggings.

  • Cardamom (Green)
  • Hyacinth (Pink)
  • Saffron (Orange)
  • Technomancer (Yellow)

Credits: 75

Epic Skins

  • Regal: A royal blue and orange variation of Symmetra’s Rare skin.
  • Utopaea: An elegant white and gold outfit, fit for living in a pristine utopia.
  • Vampire*: A pale-skinned Symmetra wears a black and red outfit. Her leggings have a festive bat pattern. (Halloween Event)
  • Qipao*: A gold and red silk outfit, embroidered with iconic Chinese patterns. (Lunar Event)

Credits: 250 (Basic), 750 (Special Event)*

Legendary Skins

  • Architech: A standard issued Vishkar architect outfit. Symmetra wears blue slacks and a golden blue dress.
  • Vishkar: A uniform worn by Vishkar executives. Symmetra’s dress is white and purple, and her pants are silver.
  • Devi: Symmetra embodies an Indian diety. She wears a red top and skirt along with a chain of human skulls(?).
  • Goddess: A blue-skinned Symmetra channels the Indian goddess Shiva in this eclectic outfit.
  • Oasis*: Symmetra wears a mask that completely covers her eyes, with a translucent veil that nearly falls to the floor. Her outfit is fold and white, with portions that glow bright blue. (Anniversary Event)
  • Dragon*: Covered in scales and horns, with a “dress” that’s actually dragon wings, Symmetra looks like a human dragon hybrid. Her photon beam has a giant blinking eye. (Halloween Event)

Credits: 1,000 (Basic), 3,000 (Special Event)*

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