Roadhog is a devastating Tank class hero that is better at removing vulnerable characters and disrupting team formations than he is at protecting his own allies. But with 600 HP and a powerful self-healing ability, Roadhog can easily absorb incoming damage and survive 1-on-1 fights without breaking a sweat.

In Overwatch lore, Roadhog (Mako Rutledge) is a ruthless Australian killer. After the events of the Omnic Crisis, Australia sought peace with its omnic inhabitants by offering them a large parcel of land in the Australian Outback. As a result, many Australians lost their homes and were displaced, including Mako. Enraged, Mako formed the Australian Liberation Front to take back his homeland, sabotaging and destroying an omnic factory that permanently irradiated the Outback, turning it into a horrific wasteland.

Forced to change and adapt to his new environment, Roadhog lost his humanity. Together with his partner, Junkrat, Roadhog terrorizes the Australian Outback and seeks nothing but wanton destruction and chaos.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Huge HP pool lets Roadhog soak up damage
  • Excellent self-healing ability replenishes 300 HP and increases survivability
  • Chain Hook + Scrap Gun combo can one-shot most heroes
  • Whole Hog is a good area denial Ultimate ability


  • The only tank without a protective barrier of some kind
  • Hook requires skill to land accurately and does not guarantee a kill
  • Low ammo requires conservative use of firing
  • Vulnerable to damage during Take a Breather and Whole Hog


Base Stats

  • Health: 600
  • Armor: None

Main Attack: Scrap Gun

Description: Roadhog’s scrap gun has two modes of fire: a primary short-range shotgun blast and a short/medium-range shrapnel ball that detonates in mid-air.

Normal Fire

  • Damage: 1-6 per pellet, 66-150 per shot (fall off distance)
  • Pellets: 25 pellets per shot
  • Ammo: 5

Alternate Fire

  • Damage: 1-6 per pellet, 50 per shot
  • Pellets: 25 pellets per projectile
  • Ammo: 5

Roadhog’s Scrap Gun is meant for close-range encounters, dealing an impressive amount of damage at point blank (even more so if it’s a headshot). Similar to Reaper’s Hellfire Shotguns, Roadhog’s Scrap Gun fires a burst of individual pellets that inflict a certain amount of damage depending on the distance of your opponent.

Roadhog’s alternative fire launches a projectile which explodes in mid-air, releasing pellets in a narrow cone. It’s effective for mid-range firefights where Roadhog needs to keep a bit of distance.

Tips for Scrap Gun

  • Roadhog’s alternate fire will not explode if it hits an enemy or obstacle. It’ll still deal damage, but less so than if it had exploded in mid-air right before hitting an opponent.
  • Always make sure Scrap Gun is reloaded before using Roadhog’s Chain Hook. There’s nothing worse than hooking a Mercy only to watch her fly away and resurrect her whole team because you didn’t have any ammo left.

Ability 1: Chain Hook

Description: Roadhog hurls a hook at an opponent and drags them toward him.

  • Damage: 30
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds
  • Range: 20 meters

Roadhog’s defining ability is his Chain Hook—a dangerous ability that can be comboed into a one-shot kill with his Scrap Gun. Almost any hero going up against Roadhog will be on the lookout for his Chain Hook.

How Chain Hook Works

There are some important mechanics to Chain Hook that are worth noting.

  • Chain Hook fires in straight line as soon as it’s triggered.
  • While Chain Hook is active, Roadhog moves much slower and can’t perform any other actions.
  • A hooked enemy is stunned for the duration of Chain Hook’s animation and can’t escape.
  • Hooked enemies will end up 3.5 meters away from Roadhog.
  • Chain Hook will release its victim if Roadhog breaks line of sight before the hook starts to pull them towards him.
  • Roadhog can turn slightly left or right during Chain Hook. This allows him to hook someone, turn, and drop them over the edge of a map.
  • Chain Hook works while Roadhog is jumping.
  • All shields and barriers will block Chain Hook (except’s Defense Matrix).
  • As of this writing, Chain Hook undergoes regular updates and tweaks. As a result, some of its mechanics are “broken” and can be exploited. For instance, Chain Hook can grab characters that are only slightly exposed behind cover, dragging them through the walls that should actually block Roadhog’s hook from connecting.

Tips for Chain Hook

  • Use Chain Hook as often as possible.
  • Chain Hooks maximum distance (~20 meters) takes some getting used to. It’s actually a pretty far distance, so when in doubt, try to hook someone even if they look far away.
  • As soon as Chain Hook grabs an enemy, hold Roadhog’s primary fire. This way you’ll immediately fire his Scrap Gun as soon as the animation is complete. (You can also use his alternate fire, but it’s less effective at close-range.)
  • You can easily line up a head shot for double damage while an enemy is hooked.
  • Hook high priority targets first. First look for any supports, then go for defense, offense, and tanks.
  • You can cancel Scrap Gun’s firing animation by using Chain Hook. Technically this allows you to fire and then immediately hook someone so that they’re pulled through the first shot.
  • Use Chain Hook on’s self-destructing mech to move it away from your team.

Abilities that Chain Hook can cancel

Chain Hook the following heroes to interrupt their abilities.

  • Roadhog’s Take a Breather and Whole Hog
  • Pharah’s Barrage
  • Reaper’s Death Blossom
  • McCree’s Deadeye
  • Reinhardt’s Charge
  • Lúcio’s Sound Barrier (before he hits the ground)
  • Widowmaker’s Grappling Hook (while she’s in mid-air)

Heroes that counter Chain Hook

  • Orisa can use Fortify to block Chain Hook
  • Reaper can use Wraith Form to avoid Chain Hook
  • Genji can use Deflect to cancel Chain Hook

Ability 2: Take a Breather

Description: Roadhog huffs a can of mysterious chemicals to quickly restore 300 HP

  • Health: 300 HP (self)
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds
  • Duration: 1 second

A straightforward ability that heals a whopping 300 HP to Roadhog. As you’ll see, this unique self-healing ability allows Roadhog to flank and scout beyond his team’s perimeter, granted he keeps hooking and killing lone enemies.

Tips for using Take a Breather

  • Take cover behind a shield or find a hiding spot before healing yourself. Roadhog is completely vulnerable during Take a Breather and receiving damage won’t cancel the animation, meaning he’s a sitting duck (albeit one that’s recharging 300 HP at the same time).
  • You can begin Take a Breather in mid-air. If you need to jump to avoid an attack or find better cover, do so while popping this ability at the same time.
  • Like other self-healing abilities in Overwatch, Take a Breather will contribute to Roadhog’s ultimate charge as long as it’s replenishing lost HP.
  • Use your healers whenever possible, but don’t rely on them. It takes a long time for Mercy and Ana to refill Roadhog’s HP, and that time could be spent healing more vulnerable allies.
  • Stun attacks, such as Chain Hook and McCree’s Flash Bang, will stop Take a Breather.

Ultimate: Whole Hog

Description: Roadhog pummels enemies with a heavy spray of shrapnel from his Scrap Gun, knocking them away and dealing heavy damage to anyone caught in the blast.

  • Damage: 2,500+ (assuming all pellets connect)
  • Duration: 6 second

An area denial ability that has the potential to do massive amounts of damage, Roadhog’s Whole Hog ability turns his Scrap Gun into a rapid fire machine gun that sprays shrapnel in a wide arc in front of him.

There’s quite a bit of recoil which you’ll need to compensate for. Whole Hog also knocks enemies back pretty far. The further they are, the less damage they’ll receive.

Note that once initiated, Roadhog can’t cancel Whole Hog, which lasts for 6 seconds. During this time he’s vulnerable to any incoming damage.

Tips for Whole Hog

  • Whole Hog should be used liberally when available. Like Winston’s Primal Rage it’s a great area denial ability that generates a lot of chaos by breaking shields and scattering enemies around.
  • If you’re up against a team with a, make sure she’s out of her mech or removed from the fight before using Whole Hog. Her Defense Matrix can absorb Whole Hog.
  • Using Whole Hog will cancel any animation or ability. Beware that if you use Whole Hog during Take a Breather, it won’t restore the full 300 HP unless the animation finishes.

When to Use Whole Hog

  • Use Whole Hog to break Reinhardt’s shield and launch him into the air, which prevents him from using Earthshatter.
  • Use Whole Hog against a team contesting a payload or objective in Overtime. It can keep them off the objective long enough that they won’t be able to contest.
  • Use Whole Hog against enemies trapped in corners or small rooms. This is especially useful on Control maps with enclosed objectives, such as Nepal’s Village and Shrine.

Heroes that counter Whole Hog

  • Ana’s Sleep Dart can cancel Whole Hog
  • McCree’s Flashbang can stun and stop Whole Hog
  • Sombra’s EMP can disrupt Whole Hog
  • Reinhardt’s Earthshatter will stun and stop Whole Hog
  •’s Defense Matrix can absorb Whole Hog

General Tips & Strategy

In general, pair Roadhog alongside an “anchor” tank, such as Reinhardt or Orisa. Roadhog is a unique tank in that he doesn’t have a shield or barrier of any kind. This makes him ill-suited for protecting other teammates.

Single out vulnerable enemies. Avoid tank vs. tank battles and work on taking out squishier enemies with your hook and Scrap Gun, such as Tracer, Genji, Soldier, Lúcio, Mercy and when she’s outside of her mech.

Flank and surprise enemies. Since there should be another tank on your team to draw the enemies attention, you can maneuver Roadhog into alleys and passageways and sneakily grab foes with his Chain Hook.

Kill, then heal, then kill again. Roadhog doesn’t need to depend on healers as much as other tanks, meaning he can continue to patrol the outskirts of a map. As long as he doesn’t get overwhelmed by multiple enemies, he can dispatch individual players from the backend, heal himself with Take a Breather, then continue his stealthy assault.

A little bit of advanced game sense is required here, but if you’re being healed by a support character, try to avoid using Take a Breather to replenish your own health unless you’re in a precarious situation. It’s more important for the healer to gain an ult charge by healing you than it is for you to drop out of the battle for a few seconds to regain a fraction of your HP.

Specific Map Tips

Roadhog performs well on most maps and game modes, though he’s slightly better on Attack compositions than Defense due to his lack of a shield.

Ilios: Well

A classic Roadhog map—expect to see one almost every time you play the Well map on Ilios. Roadhog can stand at the edge of the well and use Chain Hook to pull enemies towards him. They’ll dangle in mid-air Wile E. Coyote style before plummeting down the well.

Route 66

There are a lot of nooks and crannies for Roadhog to hide behind on Route 66. On Defense he can hold the first choke (right by the billboard) and watch for flankers trying to get behind his team. On At, ack he can duck inside buildings to heal up, then spring back out to start hooking vulnerable characters.


On Defense, Roadhog can hold the high ground around Point A and hook anyone that tries to take the point. He can also hide in the room directly behind the payload and Chain Hook enemies as they appear. If a team tries to push through either eastern hallway, Roadhog can use Whole Hog to catch them in a confined space and grab some easy eliminations.


Roadhog is a formidable tank that remove high priority characters quickly from the battlefield. However, his large size makes him an easy target for most characters to hit from a distance.

Roadhog Counters

Tracer: Roadhog is one of the best counters to squishy little Tracer. If he lands a Chain Hook + Scrap Gun combo on her it’s an easy one-shot, provided she doesn’t use Recall to quickly escape. Roadhog can also survive Tracer’s Pulse Bomb—his 600 HP takes a hit from her 400 damaging Pulse Bomb, but he can then heal 75% of the damage, practically negating her attempt to kill him.

Lúcio: Zipping and skating around the battlefield, an enemy Lúcio is an underestimated pest that’s hard to eliminate. Roadhog can remove him in one shot by using Chain Hook, and his Whole Hog can knock Lúcio into the air, preventing him from activating Sound Barrier as long as he doesn’t touch the ground.

Reinhardt: If Reinhardt drops his shield or charges at a character, Roadhog can use Chain Hook to pull Rein away from his team or cancel his Charge animation. Whole Hog also makes swift work of Reinhardt’s 2000 HP shield.

Roadhog is Countered by

D.Va: D.Va’s Defense Matrix can completely negate Whole Hog. Since there’s no way to cancel Roadhog’s ultimate while it’s in use, he’ll be a sitting duck for the rest of’s team to pick off.

Reaper: Reaper is a tank killer, and there’s no target more enticing than a big fat Roadhog waddling across the battlefield. Even if Roadhog can land a Chain Hook on Reaper, chances are Reaper can use Wraith Form to escape before he’s hit by a Scrap Gun blast.

Ana: Ana’s Biotic Grenade cancels the healing effect of Roadhog’s Take a Breather, leaving him stranded in the middle of a fight with no means to recuperate lost HP. She can easily stay out of his hook’s range and snipe him from a distance.


Rare Skins

Roadhog’s Rare skins are colored variations of his classic skin: A DIY harness composed of pieces of scrap that exposes Roadhog’s gigantic belly.

  • Kiwi
  • Mud
  • Sand
  • Thistle

Credits: 75

Epic Skins

  • Pigpen: Roadhog’s whole body is covered with dried and caked mud—including his belly.
  • Stitched: The doctor will see you now. Roadhog wears a bright red mask and white pants.
  • Rudolph*: Roadhog’s hook is a sharp candy cane, he wears reindeer a pair of reindeer horns, and his belly is tattooed with a festive Christmas image, complete with a glowing Rudolph nose. (Winter Holiday Event)

Credits: 250 (Basic), 750 (Special Event)*

Legendary Skins

  • Mako: A pirate’s life for thee. Roadhog’s mask is a shark’s head, and his hook a makeshift anchor.
  • Sharkbait: Sailing the high seas, Roadhog’s belly serves as a compass, and a treasure chest rests on his right shoulder.
  • Islander: A Polynesian inspired skin that replaces Roadhog’s equipment with homemade island gear.
  • Toa: Roadhog is covered in the tattoos and markings of a Pacific Islander. His hook is crafted with jagged shark teeth.
  • Junkenstein’s Monster*: Armed with the secret of creating artificial life, Dr. Junkenstein birthed a monster. (Halloween Event)
  • Bajie*: Skin modelled off of Zhu Bajie – a part human, part pig character from the novel Journey to the West. (Lunar New Year Event)

Credits: 1,000 (Basic), 3,000 (Special Event)*

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