D.Va Hero Guide

D.Va is a versatile tank hero with a huge pool of health that’s ideal for soaking up enemy damage. Her mobility allows her to quickly reach and protect allies, while her holographic shield can be used to negate a variety of enemy projectiles and ultimate attacks. In Overwatch lore, D.Va is the alias of Hana […]

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Reinhardt Hero Guide

Reinhardt is Overwatch’s classic tank. He’s found in nearly every competitive team composition thanks to an ultimate ability that can wipe out whole squads as well as a punishing charge attack that makes quick work of squishy characters. His rechargeable Barrier Shield is a staple on the battlefield too, and can absorb a whopping 2,000 […]

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Lúcio Hero Guide

Lucio is a versatile, fast-paced healer that can turn the tide of battle with a powerful Ultimate ability. His unique passive ability combined with his powerful buffing auras make him one of Overwatch’s most powerful and valuable heroes. As such, it’s very rare to see a professional match without Lucio in the roster. In Overwatch […]

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Reaper Hero Guide

Reaper is a powerful Overwatch assault character and also the game’s resident edgelord. In Overwatch lore, Reaper was originally known as Gabriel Reyes, commander of Overwatch’s covert ops division, Blackwatch. As conflict grew within Overwatch’s ranks, Reyes lead a rebellion against Jack Morrison (Solder 76). The final fight created an explosion that supposedly took the […]

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Tracer Hero Guide

Overwatch’s fleet-footed mascot, Tracer, is a zippy DPS attacker designed to flank and harass enemies at close-range. Tracer’s time traveling abilities enable her to blink and shift through a fight, and her evasive mobility makes targeting and tracking her movements a challenge. In Overwatch lore, Lena Oxton is a young British pilot that joined Overwatch’s […]

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Top Offense Heroes

Overwatch is a team based shooter with many heroes filling many different roles. The game’s objectives are more complex than those found in your regular team deathmatch game modes. You’ll need both strategy and co-operation to achieve victory. That’s not to say that getting a ton of frags isn’t helping. While maintaining a high K/DR […]

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Bastion Hero Guide

Bastion is a giant walking and (somewhat) talking Gatling gun, capable of transforming between an agile reconnaissance mode and a devastating stationary turret. His play style is more straightforward than other heroes, meaning he’s a great character for beginners to jump into. In Overwatch lore, Bastion is just one of many Bastion robot units that […]

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