Orisa is a giant quadrapedal tank that shields her team from incoming damage while boosting their firepower with a disruptive Ultimate ability. She’s considered an “anchor” tank—strengthening and defending her team as long as they stick near her.

In Overwatch lore, Orisa is a repurposed omnic robot that serves only to protect. Created by the child genius Efi Oladele, Orisa is comprised of the scraps and fragments of Numbani’s OR15 robots that were destroyed during an attack by Doomfist.

Following the attack, Numbani was left weak and defenseless. Efi took it upon herself to create a true hero that the world could count on. After assembling various components into a new OR15 unit, Efi infused her creation with a personality core. Gentle and caring, Orisa makes light of even the gravest situations.

Orisa can be a tricky tank to master. She doesn’t have the team shielding capacity of Reinhardt or the projectile eating capabilities of D.va. But with a coordinated team sticking close to her side, she provides unparalleled mobile defense.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Mobile shield allows her to instantly protect against a range of attacks and scenarios
  • Fusion Driver makes her the best long-range tank in Overwatch
  • Unique graviton ability enables crowd control


  • Low health compared to other tanks means Orisa needs to rely on her teammates more
  • Wide spread on her gun makes it difficult to eliminate smaller heroes
  • Ultimate ability buffs damage but doesn’t guarantee kills


Base Stats

  • Health: 200
  • Armor: 200

Main Attack: Fusion Driver

  • Description: A massive projectile cannon that serves as Orisa’s entire right arm.
  • Damage: 11 per shot
  • Ammo: 150

Orisa’s primary attack can sustain fire for a whopping 12.5 seconds—turning her into a formidable mobile turret that can lay suppressing fire, bust through enemy shields, and cut through larger enemies such as Winston and Roadhog.

When Fusion Driver is in use, Orisa’s movement speed is slightly reduced.

It’s important to note that Orisa’s Fusion Driver has one of the longest reload times in Overwatch: 2.5 seconds, to be precise. Get in the habit of reloading whenever you have a moment, as reloading in the middle of a fight is a sure way to die or lose a ton of health. A great time to reload is when you’re changing position, since you should avoid firing Fusion Driver when you’re moving.

Tips for attacking

  • There is a slight delay to the projectiles fired by Fusion Driver. Practice compensating for this delay in order to hone your accuracy.
  • Fusion Driver also has a small spread, which makes it difficult to target and kill small agile characters. In general, aim for the body rather than the head to make the most of each projectile.
  • Fusion Driver is great at suppressing enemies, since Orisa can fire non-stop for 12.5 seconds. Unload a barrage of bullets at a chokepoint or narrow entrance to prevent enemies from trickling in.

Ability 1: Halt!

  • Description: Orisa fires a mini graviton orb which she can detonate in mid-air to pull people towards it.
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds
  • Radius: 7.5 meters

Orisa’s Halt! is a useful crowd management ability, capable of drawing multiple characters into a tight cluster so her team can direct their fire. In this regard it’s similar to Zarya’s Ultimate ability, Graviton Surge, however Halt! simply sucks enemies in then immediately drops them to the ground.

While useful for sucking enemies into attacks, or pulling them away from your team, Halt! serves other tactical purposes too, such as pulling enemies off from a high-ground vantage, or dragging them over ledges for an instant kill.

Note that the graviton orb from Halt! will detonate automatically if it hits an obstacle or reaches a certain distance.

How Halt! works

  • When Halt! is fired, a graviton orb launches in a linear direction depending on where Orisa is aiming.
  • When enemies are within the orb’s radius, a green line will connect them to the orb, so you can clearly see who will be drawn in when Halt! detonates.
  • Press the Halt! button again to detonate the orb, sucking in any connected enemies.
  • Halt! can pass through enemy shields, such as Reinhardt’s barrier. This is useful for moving Reinhardt away from his team.

Tips for using Halt!

  • Use Halt! to pull enemies towards Orisa, especially if they’re trying to run away. This is extremely useful for catching elusive Lucios and Mercys that try to escape from a losing battle.
  • Use Halt! to gather enemies into a teammate’s Ultimate ability, like Hanzo’s Dragonstrike.
  • Use Halt! to pull enemies away from your team.
  • When possible, go for environment kills. Look for enemies running along the side of a cliff or ledge, lob Halt! so it goes past them and over the edge, then detonate it to grab nearby foes. This works extremely well on maps such as The Well on Ilios.
  • Use Halt! against a Bastion in Sentry Mode. This will cause him to revert to Recon Mode.
  • Use Halt! to pull enemies away from Health Packs so you (or an ally) can grab it instead.

Characters that can block Halt!

  • Genji can Deflect Halt!, though it won’t cause damage to Orisa unless it’s activated.
  • D.va can absorb Halt! using Defense Matrix.
  • Mercy’s Resurrection makes herself and any revived allies immune to Halt! for a short amount of time.
  • Orisa herself can use Fortify to avoid Halt!
  • Tracer can use Recall to escape Halt!
  • Sombra can use her Translocator to escape Halt!
  • Mei won’t be affected by Halt! if she’s healing herself with Cryo-Freeze. Her Ice Wall also stops Halt!
  • Zarya’s Particle and Projected Barriers protect herself and an ally from Halt!

Ability 2: Fortify

  • Description: Orisa hardens herself against any incoming damage for a brief period of time.
  • Damage reduction: 50%
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds
  • Duration: 4 seconds

If Protective Barrier shields Orisa’s team, then Fortify shields Orisa herself, improving her durability when exposed and extending her lifespan when caught in dangerous situations.

When Fortify is activated, all incoming damage is reduced by 50%.

Tips for using Fortify

  • Use Fortify as a self-preservation technique when the enemy is focusing their fire on you.
  • Use Fortify as an intimidation technique when you push into a group of enemies.
  • Use Fortify if you don’t have Protective Barrier available and you need to absorb some damage for your allies.
  • Use Fortify to counter a charging Reinhardt.
  • Use Fortify if Tracer sticks a Pulse Bomb on you. Orisa will only take 200 damage (less if she still has armor) meaning she can escape from instant death.
  • Although Fortify blocks certain effects, like Reinhardt’s Earthshatter, it won’t protect anyone standing behind Orisa.

Abilities that Fortify blocks

In addition to reducing damage, Fortify also completely blocks certain attacks and abilities.

  • Fortify blocks Reinhardt’s Earthshatter. It also stops and stuns Reinhardt if he uses Charge against Orisa while she’s fortified.
  • Fortify stops Doomfist’s Rocket Punch.
  • Fortify negates the effect of an enemy Orisa’s Halt!
  • Fortify blocks the knockback effect from D.va’s Boost, Lucio’s Soundwave, Pharah’s Concussive Blast, Junkrat’s Concussion Mine, Winston’s Primal Rage and Roadhog’s Whole Hog.
  • Fortify blocks the freezing effect from Mei’s Endothermic Blaster and Blizzard.
  • Fortify will break Junkrat’s Steel Trap.
  • Fortify prevents Orisa from being stuck in Zarya’s Graviton Surge.
  • Fortify blocks Ana’s Sleep Dart.
  • Fortify blocks Roadhog’s Hook.
  • Fortify blocks McCree’s Flashbang.
  • Fortify negates the slow effect of Symmetra’s Sentry Turrets.

Ability 3: Protective Barrier

  • Description: Orisa launches a device that turns into small shield when it lands on the ground.
  • Shield health: 900
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds
  • Duration: 20 seconds

Protective Barrier is the most “tank” like ability in Orisa’s arsenal. Protective Barrier is a sturdy 900 HP shield that Orisa can deploy on any flat surface or obstacle.

Protective Barrier is slightly curved, like a soccer or hockey net. This allows Orisa and her allies to be protected from a variety of angles.

Note that Protective Barrier automatically disappears after 20 seconds, regardless of how much health it has left. Launching a new barrier will replace the old one as well. Don’t leave your allies hanging if their shield suddenly vanishes!

Tips for using Protective Barrier

  • Use Protective Barrier directly on the Payload to create a mobile defensive platform.
  • Use Protective Barrier to protect Torbjorn’s Turret or Bastion while he’s in Sentry Mode. This adds an additional layer of defense that the enemy will have to penetrate.
  • You can see the current HP of your shield on your HUD.
  • Unlike Halt!, Genji can’t Deflect Orisa’s Protective Barrier, and D.va can’t absorb it with her Defense Matrix.
  • Protective Barrier is great for blocking Pharah’s rockets, because by the time she unloads all 6 rounds and reloads, Orisa will be able to deploy a fresh shield.
  • If you’re holding a specific position, remember to keep launching a new Protective Barrier even if the old one still has health left.
  • Enemies will try to rush through Orisa’s Protective Barrier in order to eliminate her. Counter this by adding some distance between yourself and the barrier, rather than standing directly inside of it.
  • Remember that you don’t always have to use Protective Barrier in front of you. You can shield to the right, left or directly behind yourself, while still applying pressure to enemies in front of you.
  • Protective Barrier doesn’t disappear if Orisa dies. If you think you’re going to hit the bucket, launch a Protective Barrier so your team can take advantage of it.
  • Use Protective Barrier when the enemy D.va uses Self-Destruct. Anyone behind Orisa’s shield will survive the blast.
  • Remember that if an enemy is firing at you from behind your shield, all you have to do is step through Protective Barrier to block their shots. By alternating how you position yourself around your shield, you can hinder attacks from a variety of angles.

Ultimate: Supercharger

  • Description: Orisa deploys a Supercharger device that boosts all ally attacks by 50%.
  • Supercharger health: 200
  • Damage: +50%
  • Duration: 15 seconds
  • Radius: 25 meters

Out of all of the tanks in Overwatch, Orisa’s Supercharger is a bit… underwhelming. It takes a long time to charge and it doesn’t inflict any direct damage. It can also be destroyed fairly quickly.

That being said, in the right situations it can add a deadly element to your team, especially if multiple ally Ultimates are in play. A Supercharged, Nano Boosted Genji with Dragonblade is the stuff of nightmares.

Tips for Supercharger

  • Supercharger has 200 HP and can be destroyed by the enemy.
  • If possible, deploy a Protective Barrier around your Supercharge. This ensures your Supercharger has some extra protection.
  • Use Supercharger to repel an enemy’s push or to quickly eliminate high threat targets.
  • Supercharger can buff allies through shields.
  • Supercharger’s damage buff stacks with Ana’s Nano Boost and Mercy’s Damage Boost.
  • Supercharger can be hacked by Sombra’s EMP, temporarily stopping its damage boosting buff.

General Tips & Strategy

Orisa works well when paired with another tank. Reinhardt’s shield means Orisa can pair up with Torbjorn or Bastion, adding another layer of defense to the composition. Winston can dive into the enemy backline while Orisa deploys a shield and puts pressure on the team with her primary fire.

A very common mistake made by Orisa players is to deploy Protective Barrier and then not push up beyond it. Orisa should be played with a mix of defense and aggression, but don’t simply linger behind your barrier. Continuously launch Protective Barrier further and further into enemy territory to help your allies contest the objective.

Don’t linger in one spot for too long. Deploy a Protective Barrier, launch Halt! and apply pressure on a group of enemies with your Fusion Driver. Continue to move with your team, protecting them with your shield whenever possible.

Try to bait Reinhardt and Roadhog into charging and hooking you whenever possible. A well-timed Fortify will end their attack and leave them open to fire.

Remember, Orisa is a tank. Your main goal is to protect your team. Stick with your DPS/assault heroes and keep your healers shielded whenever possible. Communication helps a lot when playing Orisa, as she’s not as sturdy as Reinhardt when it comes to 1-on-1 encounters.

Fusion Driver can fire for more than 12 seconds before it needs to reload. Instead of trying to make accurate headshots, unload a full clip onto enemy shields. Even experienced Reinhardt’s will be cautious around an Orisa that’s raining bullets.

Use Halt! to find valuable openings in the enemy team. Separate key heroes, such as support characters, so your attackers can corner and kill them.

Specific Map Tips

Orisa shines at Attack and Defense on Assault/Escort maps. While not mobile enough to handle the chaotic fights of Control maps, she can still be used on them in certain scenarios.

Horizon Lunar Colony

Orisa is great at defending Point A. Together with Torbjorn, she can continue to shield his turret using Protective Barrier. Change the position of your Protective Barrier to counter the enemy’s advance. She can also deter teams from pushing directly towards Point A by continuously firing at anything that strays into the main opening.


This tactic requires Bastion and Symmetra to be truly effective. While defending Point A, position Orisa on the second floor of the cafe that overlooks the payload. With Bastion by her side, she can continue to deploy Protective Barrier to shield him while he shoots anything that comes near the payload. Symmetra should turn the bottom floor of the cafe into a web of sentry turrets, which will eliminate or distract any flankers that try to come all the way around to deal with Orisa. In the event you or Bastion get destroyed, Sym’s Teleporter or Mercy’s Ressurection can quickly bring you back to the battle.

Ilios: Well

Along with Nepal’s Sanctum, Ilios is great for using Halt! to flush enemies down the well in the center of the arena. Set Orisa up with a Protective Barrier right as she enters the objective. This allows her to control the main arena, while grabbing any enemies that stray too close to the well. Watch out for enemy Pharahs or Lucios that try to boop you from behind. Remember that Fortify will block any knockback effects.


Orisa is the anti-tank tank of Overwatch. Capable of taking a beating while dishing out a heavy stream of firepower, Orisa can stop a variety of attacks and find vulnerable openings in the enemy team.

Orisa Counters

Reinhardt: Orisa is a hard counter to Reinhardt. She’s the only character that not only blocks his Charge attack, but stuns him in the process. Her Protective Barrier will block Reinhardt’s Earthshatter and protect her team, while Fortify also saves her from being stunned and damaged by Earthshatter. Be careful to only activate Fortify as soon as Reinhardt charges, otherwise he’ll likely wait for Fortify to deactivate before charging you.

Roadhog: Roadhog’s lack of shield and huge size makes him an easy target for Orisa to use her Fusion Driver against. Fortify will block Roadhog’s Hook, and it’s also useful for countering his Whole Hog Ultimate ability, as Orisa can’t be knocked back by it.

Winston: If Winston tries to dive into a team that includes Orisa, she can quickly shred him to pieces with her Fusion Driver. She can also chip away at his shield relatively quickly. If Winston uses Primal Rage, Orisa can Fortify herself to prevent him from knocking her around.

Orisa is countered by

Genji: Genji’s small frame and agile movements make him difficult for Orisa to accurately pinpoint with her gun. He can Swift Strike through her shield to get behind her, then fling multiple shurikens into her huge body to chip away at her armor and health. If Orisa grabs Genji with Halt! and tries to drop him off a ledge, he can simply Swift Strike towards a wall and climb up it.

Zenyatta: Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord is very useful against Orisa’s fairly large HP pool. It’s also a great counter to her Fortify ability, as she’ll take much more damage than if she wasn’t discorded. His long-range and impressive firepower can cut through Orisa’s shield and health pretty quickly.

Reaper: Reaper can use Shadow Step to quickly attack Orisa from behind. He can also use Wraith Form to float through her Halt! and Fusion Driver attacks. His Deathblossom Ultimate ability is strong enough to kill Orisa even if she’s fortified, and he can be hard for her to shoot if he’s directly strafing in front of her.


Rare Skins

Orisa’s Rare skins are all colored variations of her Classic skin—brown-grey armor plating with green horns and a golden face mask.

  • Dawn
  • Plains
  • Sunrise
  • Twilight

Credits: 75

Epic Skins

  • Camouflage: Orisa is covered in military camouflage, giving her a menacing look on the battlefield.
  • OR15: The original OR15 robot that Orisa was constructed from. While similar in design to Orisa, the OR15 doesn’t have a face to express emotions, and is more generic in appearance.

Credits: 250 (Basic), 750 (Special Event)*

Legendary Skins

  • Dynastinae: A shiny blue and orange skin that turns Orisa into an exotic beetle.
  • Megasoma: Akin to an African beetle, this skin turns Orisa into a giant beige bug.
  • Carbon Fiber: Orisa is covered in black futuristic armor and bands of translucent neon green shielding.
  • Protector: Orisa is covered in white futuristic armor and bands of translucent neon green shielding.
  • Null Sector*: When Null Sector attacked King’s Row during the Uprising incident, they repurposed OR15 robots to create an advanced line of mobile tanks. This skin is black and bright purple. (Uprising Event)

Credits: 1,000 (Basic), 3,000 (Special Event)*

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