Junkrat is a grenade lobbing defensive hero that protects the objective using sticky mines and bear traps. His mines enable him to reach high ground positions, and his Ultimate ability, Rip-Tire, can instantly kill multiple characters.

In Overwatch lore, Junkrat (AKA Jamison Fawkes) is a dangerous 25-year old demolitionist with a bit of a psychotic streak.

An exceptional explosives expert and sardonic anarchist, Junkrat carved a new life for himself in the post-apocolyptic Australian Outback by salvaging scrap and metals from ruins.

He became notorious after stumbling upon a valuable secret in the remains of a destroyed Omnic factory. In order to escape the bounty hunters and mercenaries hired to kill him, Junkrat hired a reluctant Roadhog to be his body guard. The two have been traveling across the world on an international crime spree ever since.

Junkrat is a great character for Overwatch beginners to start with. His flexibility makes him a good addition for both offensive and defensive compositions. He’s especially good on Control maps where he can trap characters that stumble onto a point and blow them up with a grenade to the face.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Primary attack deals high-damage
  • Ultimate ability can eliminate multiple heroes at once
  • Protects the backline against dive-based team compositions and agile heroes


  • Completely immobile and exposed to damage while casting his Ultimate
  • Difficult to hit airborne targets and ranged opponents
  • Traps and mines can be destroyed by enemies before dealing damage


Base Stats

  • Health: 200
  • Armor: None

Main Attack: Frag Launcher

  • Description: A medium-range grenade launcher that fires individual grenades in an arc, which then bounce before blowing up.
  • Damage: 120 (direct hit), up to 80 splash damage
  • Ammo: 5

Junkrat’s primary weapon is capable of dealing a significant amount of damage over a short period of time. If all of his grenades connect in a single round, he can deal 600 damage. This makes him an excellent choice for eliminating shields and high-health tank characters, like Roadhog.

Junkrat’s grenades also have a bouncy quality to them. This means he can safely spam grenades into a room by bouncing them off of a wall or surface. Grenades will explode on direct contact, or deal splash damage after bouncing for a bit.

During chaotic team fights, Junkrat players can either stand back and lob grenades into the fray or dive in and bounce grenades off the ground, dropping traps and mines to deal extra damage.

Tips for Frag Launcher

  • It’s always better to maintain a high-ground advantage with Junkrat. His grenades are more likely to hit enemies when he’s elevated, whereas it’s more difficult for Junkrat to hit enemies that are in the air or directly above him.
  • You can bounce grenades off of surfaces to reach enemies. Look for walls and objects around the battlefield that you can use to hit enemies hiding behind a Reinhardt or Orisa shield.
  • Frag Launcher has a surprising amount of range. On most maps, Junkrat’s grenades can reach chokepoints and enemy spawn entrances.
  • Junkrat can utilize cover to hide from attacks while spamming grenades over walls.

Ability 1: Concussion Mine

  • Description: Junkrat throws an explosive mine that sticks to any surface. He can then detonate it manually to inflict damage to enemies or launch himself into the air.
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds
  • Damage: 120 (no self-damage)

Junkrat’s Concussion Mine can be thrown to deal damage in mid-air, or placed on the ground to damage and knock back enemies. However, it’s generally considered more useful as a mobile ability for Junkrat to use on himself so he can disengage, escape from a fight, or reposition on higher ground.

Note that, like Steel Trap and Rip-Tire, Concussion Mine can be destroyed by enemy fire before it deals any damage.

Tips for using Concussion Mine

  • In general, use Concussive Mine on yourself in order to maintain a high-ground advantage.
  • Like Pharah’s Concussive Blast, Junkrat’s mine is great for throwing in front of himself and detonating immediately in order to put space between himself and any danger.
  • Use Concussive Mine right as you leave the spawn room in order to reach your team faster.
  • Concussive Mine is great for lobbing into rooms with multiple enemies.
  • There is a slight knock back effect to Concussive Mine that not only applies to Junkrat but to his enemies as well. A well timed detonation can knock your foes over ledges and into pits.
  • Concussive Mine can be laid directly over a Steel Trap for a powerful combo that will kill most heroes.

Using Concussion Mine on yourself

Junkrat can use his Concussion Mine to blast himself into the air without suffering any self-damage. It’s a great way to escape or disengage from a fight while damaging enemies at the same time. It’s especially useful for repositioning Junkrat to a higher elevation, where it’s easier for him to chuck grenades at enemies hiding behind shields and cover.

Ability 2: Steel Trap

  • Description: Junkrat throws a trap onto the ground near him, which can trap and hold enemies in place.
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds
  • Damage: 80
  • Duration: Enemies are trapped for 3 seconds (they can still used abilities)

Steel Trap is a great tool for stopping nimble characters in their tracks. Heroes like Tracer and Genji that dart around the battlefield are much easier to deal with when they’re stuck in Junkrat’s trap.

Tips for using Steel Trap

  • Steel Trap begins to cool down as soon as you’ve planted one. Try to find a rhythm of laying down a trap, capturing someone, then immediately laying another trap.
  • Remember that any foe caught in a Steel Trap can still use some their abilities. As tempting as it may seem to fire grenades at that trapped Genji, make sure his Deflect is on cooldown or you might die instead.
  • Don’t plant Steel Traps too far away from you, otherwise you won’t be able to hit anyone caught in one.
  • Actively use Steel Trap as much as possible. Lay one near the payload to catch Lucio, Sombra, Genji or Tracer when they try to contest around the objective.
  • Try to keep Steel Trap ready is you’re near a Reinhardt or Doomfist. You’ll be able to stop their charge-like attacks with a well-timed trap.

Characters that can escape Steel Trap

It’s impossible for most heroes to escape Junkrat’s Steel Trap, but some characters can avoid or bypass the damage caused by Steel Trap using these abilities.

  • Zenyatta can use Transcendance to save himself (and nearby allies).
  • Zarya can bubble herself (or an trapped ally) with a Particle Barrier or Projected Barrier.
  • Reaper can use Wraith Form to avoid damage (he’ll still be stuck in the trap, though).
  • Mei can use Cryo-Freeze to avoid damage.
  • Orisa can use Fortify, instantly breaking free from Steel Trap.

Passive Ability: Total Mayhem

  • Description: When Junkrat dies, he drops a bundle of grenades that detonate on the ground.
  • Grenades: 5
  • Damage: 60 per grenade (up to 300)

Junkrat gets the last laugh with this powerful passive ability. Total Mayhem encourages a kamikaze approach to team fights. When Junkrat is eliminated, he drops 5 explosive grenades in a pile where his corpse is. For many this is an overlooked ability that can do serious damage in the right hands.

One strategy is to stand over your own Steel Trap in the middle of a team fight. If someone rushes at you and kills you (Genji’s Swift Strike, for instance), they’ll not only be trapped, but you’ll kill them from the grave with Total Mayhem’s explosion.

Ultimate: Rip-Tire

  • Description: Junkrat ignites an explosive tire capable of destroying whole teams at once.
  • Damage: up to 600
  • Duration: 10 seconds
  • Tire Health: 100

Junkrat’s Ultimate ability is one of the more powerful and punishing abilities in Overwatch. Rip-Tire functions as a manually controllable explosive that can be detonated within 10 seconds, and deals massive damage to anyone unfortunate enough to get caught in the blast.

There is one slight downside to Rip-Tire, however: Junkrat ceases to move as soon as this ability is utilized. The player assumes the role of Junkrat’s tire, which they then drive around like a little RC car. Junkrat is totally vulnerable while you’re controlling the tire, making him an extremely attractive target for Widowmaker, Hanzo or Pharah if they catch him hiding.

Crafty Junkrat players will need to find a good hiding place before using Rip-Tire if they want to survive. Otherwise, they’ll return to the scene of Junkrat’s murder whenever Rip-Tire is finished.

Tips for Rip-Tire

  • Although you can’t control the speed of Rip-Tire, you can control the direction and make it jump by pressing the jump button. You can also control the camera angle, allowing you to catch heroes that are hiding as you roll by.
  • Rip-Tire can actually climb walls and obstacles fairly easily. Always try to gain an height advantage with Rip-Tire, so you can surprise enemies from above.
  • It’s possible for the enemy team to destroy your Rip-Tire before you’re able to detonate it. Rip-Tire has 100 HP and the opposing team will be looking for a way to shutdown the tire before it gets near them. Try to flank your enemy with Rip-Tire or use it during a chaotic team fight to catch them off guard.
  • Rip-Tire has to be detonated in order to cause damage.
  • Note that if Rip-Tire is destroyed by the enemy then it won’t deal any damage.
  • If you run down Rip-Tire’s 10-second duration then it will explode and won’t deal any damage.
  • Rip-Tire is a great zoning ability that can force enemies to hide or reveal themselves. You can chase enemies into a trap by coordinating with your team.
  • Combine Rip-Tire with Zarya’s Graviton Surge, Reinhardt’s Earthshatter and Mei’s Blizzard for excellent results.
  • D.va can’t use Defense Matrix to block Rip-Tire, although her mech is strong enough at full health to withstand the blast.

Who to prioritize eliminating with Rip-Tire

  • Mercy, Lucio, Zenyatta and Ana. Even if you only kill one of these characters, it will drastically weaken the strength of the opposing team.
  • Reinhardt, Zarya, D.va.
  • Soldier: 76, McCree, Reaper.

These characters can survive Rip-Tire

  • Zarya can use her Particle Barrier and Projected Barrier to save herself and another teammate from Rip-Tire. Be warned that she’ll gain nearly 100% charge if she absorbs Rip-Tires blast using two barriers.
  • Mei can use Cryo-Freeze to protect herself (although Rip-Tire lasts longer than her freeze, meaning you can technically wait out her ability and destroy her when she reveals herself).
  • Reaper can use Wraith Form to avoid Rip-Tire.
  • Pharah can use her Jump Jet to dash into the air.
  • Mercy and anyone she resurrects are temporarily invulnerable to damage and can dodge Rip-Tires explosion.

General Tips & Strategy

Junkrat does well on every map, and he is exceptionally good at defending objectives and Control maps. He’s less suitable as an offensive pick, but many Junkrat players have shown he’s still deadly on Attack compositions.

Use Junkrat if your opponent has plenty of shields. His Frag Launcher cuts through shields quickly and forces tanks to retreat.

Use Junkrat as a counter to Torbjorn turrets and pesky Bastions in Sentry Mode. You can arc his grenades over a long distance to take turrets out without taking damage from them.

You don’t always have to hide to use Rip-Tire. If the target you want to kill is just around the corner or even right in front of you, cast Rip-Tire and detonate it immediately.

Diving into the thick of battle can save the game. Junkrat can start tossing mines, traps and grenades at close-range, obliterating anyone in his path. If the fight is really chaotic, you can even use Rip-Tire directly on a contested payload to blow everyone around it to smithereens.

While the Concussive Mine + Steel Trap combo sounds practical in theory, you’re better off spamming mines and traps whenever they’re available, rather than waiting for someone to step in that perfectly placed trap. Steel Trap should be constantly moved around the map in order to catch flankers.

Be mindful of where you fire your grenades if the opposing team has a Zarya. She can charge her gun quickly by running into your slow moving grenades and absorbing the damage with her Particle Barrier.

Specific Map Tips

Junkrat shines as a defensive pick on Escort/Assault maps, but he’s also a great pick for holding Control maps due to the chaotic nature of fighting in an enclosed space.

King’s Row

Junkrat has many options for attacking and defending King’s Row. There are a lot of corridors and alleys to conceal his Rip-Tire as well. Attackers can spam grenades over the wall on either side of the first chokepoint. They can also use a mine to launch themselves onto the bus, the theater balcony, or over the choke itself.

Defenders can hold Point A by setting Steel Traps to deter flankers, lobbing grenades through and over the first chokepoint, and spamming grenades onto the point from the openings above the second chokepoint.


A great map for Junkrat on Defense. Eichenwalde’s first choke forces the attacking team through a treacherous archway and two small rooms on the left side. These can easily be protected by Junkrat’s grenades. If the enemy does push toward the objective, Junkrat can reposition above and behind Point A using a Concussive Mine to launch himself to high ground.

Any Control Map (Ilios, Oasis, Lijiang Tower, Nepal)

You can’t go wrong with Junkrat on Control maps. He can stop flankers and divers using his Steel Traps and grenades, and even his passive ability comes into play when a fight to hold or contest the objective becomes chaotic.


Junkrat’s slow firing speed and predictable projectiles makes him susceptible to long-range attacks and quick, short-range bursts of damage. He makes up for this weakness with a deadly arsenal of abilities that can halt dive comp characters in their place (i.e. Lucio, Genji, Winston, Tracer and Sombra).

Junkrat Counters

Bastion: By staying out of his relatively short-range, Junkrat can lob grenades at Bastion over a long distance. You can usually hit Bastion multiple times before he reacts and moves to a new position. Or you can catch him off guard with Rip-Tire, ending the opposing team’s onslaught. Just make sure he doesn’t see your tire, as he can easily destroy it with his turret.

Reinhardt: Reinhardt’s shield will stop Junkrat’s grenades—but only up to a point. Junkrat’s grenades take a huge chunk out of Reinhardt’s 2,000 HP shield. Since it’s such an easy target to hit, Junkrat can stand back and spam grenades at Reinhardt until his shield shatters. To make matters worth, Rip-Tire can pass through Rein’s shield, killing him and anyone behind it.

Tracer: This is controversial, but after playing for many hours as Junkrat (and as Tracer) I’m confident he’s a good counter to Tracer. Tracer’s speed makes her a difficult target for most players to hit, but Junkrat can stop her before she’s able to do much damage. Lay Steel Traps if you expect an encounter with Tracer. She’ll likely be too busy shooting and blinking to look for your trap, let alone attack it. She can’t Blink or Recall to escape your trap, either, making her an easy pick.

Junkrat is countered by

McCree: McCree’s range and accuracy makes it harder for Junkrat to kill McCree than it is for McCree to kill Junkrat. He’s unlikely to wander into your traps or mines, and his Deadeye ultimate ability can also target and destroy your Rip-Tire. If you encounter McCree in a 1-on-1 fight, quickly take the high-ground using one of your Concussive Mines and use walls to bounce grenades at him from safety.

Pharah: Pharah is a hard counter to Junkrat. She easily avoids his grenades, traps and mines while hovering in the air, and she can usually dodge Rip-Tire. At the very least, a good Pharah will distract Junkrat in order to buy her team enough time to push past his grenades. Either switch heroes or avoid her rocket fire as much as possible.

Widowmaker: Widowmaker’s long-range makes it easy for her to snipe Junkrat from afar. Junkrat players often get caught up firing grenades from behind cover. Widowmaker can use her Ultimate ability to wall hack the map and see where Junkrat is hiding. This is especially useful when Junkrat uses Rip-Tire, as the opposing team can see both the tire and the spot Junkrat is hiding in.


Rare Skins

Junkrat’s Rare skins are colored variations of his Classic skin—Post-apocalyptic straggler garb, complete with torn off shorts and bomb blown hair.

  • Bleached
  • Drowned
  • Irradiated
  • Rusted

Credits: 75

Epic Skins

  • Jailbird: Junkrat wears the black and white-striped outfit of a prisoner.
  • Toasted: Junkrat is covered in ash and gunpowder, as if he was just caught in an explosion.
  • Firework: Junkrat trades his grenades for Chinese firecrackers in this red and gold outfit.

Credits: 250 (Basic), 750 (Special Event)*

Legendary Skins

  • Fool: Junkrat is dressed up as an elaborate court jester. His Rip-Tire features a unique half-face of the sun and moon.
  • Jester: Junkrat channels a Joker-y appearance in this fancy purple outfit, befit for a psychopath.
  • Hayseed: Junkrat is dressed up as a scarecrow. It’s easier for him to hide mines and traps this way.
  • Scarecrow: Is this another Batman reference? Junkrat’s face is hidden behind a burlap mask, and his Rip-Tire is a spike filled haywheel.
  • Dr. Junkenstein*: “As the tale goes, Dr. Junkenstein made a deal with the Witch of the Wilds in exchange for the secret to creating life. But his triumph was short lived as he was slain by four wanderers in Adlersbrunn.” (Halloween Event)
  • Cricket*: Junkrat trades his peg leg for a cricket bat in this Australian Summer Games jersey. (Summer Games Event)

Credits: 1,000 (Basic), 3,000 (Special Event)*

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