Doomfist is an aggressive DPS assault character that relies more on stringing together physical combos at close-range than the traditional method of shooting behind cover. He’s equipped with a recharging hand canon, a highly mobile kit of abilities, and his namesake Doomfist gauntlet that can stun and knockback opponents into walls or off ledges.

In Overwatch lore, Doomfist is one of the leaders of the mercenary organization, Talon. Born Akande Ogundimu, he grew up in a rich Nigerian family that ran a global prosthetics company. Akande lost his right arm in the Omnic Crisis, but managed to replace it with a massive cybernetic prosthetic.

Now known as Doomfist, he wants to incite chaos and carnage in order to build a better world from the ashes.

Like Genji and Tracer, Doomfist is difficult to master and requires a fair amount of skill in order to incapacitate foes and escape from fights unscathed. His play style is largely influenced by his passive ability, which allows him to generate a personal shield as long as he deals damage using his abilities.

This means Doomfist rewards hyper-aggressive players that are patient enough to find the perfect opportunity to beeline into enemies and orchestrate a continuous string of combos that will give him enough protection to pick off any stragglers with his Hand Cannon.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Extremely dangerous at close-range encounters
  • Short cooldown rate on all abilities
  • Combat abilities can be used to make Doomfist more mobile
  • Ultimate ability allows Doomfist to escape the battlefield and avoid damage


  • Ineffective at medium-long range
  • Cannot reload Hand Cannon manually
  • Fragile and exposed if none of his abilities deal damage


Base Stats

Main Attack: Hand Cannon

Description: A short-range, 4-shot weapon with spread. Reloads automatically.

  • Damage: 66 per shot
  • Ammo: 4

Doomfist’s Hand Cannon is unique to Overwatch’s arsenal: there’s no “ammo” and no manual reload. Instead, Hand Cannon works a lot like Tracer’s Blink ability, gradually reloading over a certain amount of time.

The spread makes it absolutely ineffective at medium-long range. Short-range, however, is another story. Doomfist will decimate pretty much anything caught in his Hand Cannon’s blast.

Tips for Hand Cannon

  • On console (PS4/X1), try mapping Hand Cannon to L2/LT and Rocket Punch to R2/RT. This makes more sense from the POV of Doomfist, since his Hand Cannon fires from the left and his mega fist charges on the right.
  • Use your Hand Cannon before stringing together a combo of abilities. You can get in some damage at the beginning of a fight because Hand Cannon will recharge while you’re using your abilities.
  • Holding down Doomfist’s primary fire will rapidly unload all 4 Hand Cannon shots. This is effective for eliminating larger targets at close-range (, Roadhog, Reinhardt, Winston).
  • That being said, try to space out Hand Cannon shots so that you always have one remaining. Remember, if all of your abilities are cooling down, you won’t have anything to save you except your Hand Cannon.

Ability 1: Rocket Punch

Description: Doomfist propels forward, knocking an enemy back. Deals extra damage if the enemy hits a wall.

  • Damage: 50 – 100 (100 – 250 if enemy hits a wall too)
  • Range: 10 – 20 meters
  • Cooldown: 4 seconds

With a ridiculously short 4-second cooldown, Doomfist’s signature Rocket Punch allows him to one-shot squishy heroes and traverse large chunks of the map quickly. It’s similar to Reinhardt’s Charge in that Doomfist loses movement control once the ability is activated. However, Rocket Punch can be charged to increase both the distance Doomfist travels and the force of his punch. During this charging phase, Doomfist can still target enemies.

Rocket Punch is extremely useful against tank style heroes. They’re easier to hit due to how big they are. If a Winston dives into your team’s backline, make sure you’re there to knock him down with a Rocket Punch.

Tips for Rocket Punch

  • Try to use a fully charged Rocket Punch against isolated targets. It does more damage and can kill low-health enemies, regardless of whether they hit a wall after being punched.
  • Even when not fully charged, Rocket Punch can still deal significant damage or get you out of a tight spot.
  • Use Rocket Punch after Rising Uppercut to “dash” through the air.
  • Like all melee attacks in Overwatch, Rocket Punch can’t be stopped by shields. It’s great for quickly bursting through Orisa’s Projectile Barrier, Reinhardt’s Force Shield and Winston’s Shield Barrier.
  • Use Rocket Punch to close distances between yourself and an enemy.
  • Use Rocket Punch directly after leaving the spawn room get back to the battle faster. A handy combo is Rocket Punch, then Rising Uppercut followed immediately by Seismic Slam. You’ll cover a huge amount of distance this way.
  • Dive into an enemy with Rising Uppercut and Seismic Slam, then use Rocket Punch to escape and get healed up.

Ability 2: Rising Uppercut

Description: Knock an enemy, and yourself, into the air with a swift uppercut.

  • Damage: 50
  • Cooldown: 7 seconds

Although Rising Uppercut doesn’t deal a ton of damage, it compliments Doomfist’s abilities so much that without it he wouldn’t be nearly as intimidating. It’s better to think of Rising Uppercut as a mobile ability first, rather than a damage dealing ability. For starters, Rising Uppercut only connects when there is a target directly in front of you. Even then, it does limited damage and can even give the enemy time to retaliate if you’re not careful.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attack with Rising Uppercut—it’s great for disrupting tanks and leaving their team unprotected for a brief time.

Tips for Rising Uppercut

  • Use it to escape from a chaotic skirmish and reposition yourself for another attack.
  • Use it to fling yourself into the air and target enemies with Doomfist’s Hand Cannon.
  • Use Rising Uppercut to escape as well as engage. Rising Uppercut combined with Seismic
  • Slam covers a huge distance and allows you to dive bomb into a fight or quickly disengage.
  • Use it to dodge abilities, such as an enemy Doomfist’s Rocket Punch or Roadhog’s Hook.
  • Use it to recover from being knocked back off the edge of a map.
  • A useful combo is Rising Uppercut followed by Rocket Punch in mid-air, then some blasts with your Hand Cannon.

Ability 3: Seismic Slam

Description: Leap forward and smash the ground, knocking nearby enemies towards you.

  • Damage: 10 – 125
  • Range: 7 meters
  • Cooldown: 7 seconds

A useful AoE ability that enables Doomfist to outmaneuver and disarm heroes, Seismic Slam completes his brawler kit. Whether he’s in mid-air or on the ground, Doomfist’s Seismic Slam let’s him swiftly leap forward and slam the ground, stunning anyone caught in the short cone range.

Tips for Seismic Slam

  • You can control where you land with Seismic Slam while in mid-air. Use the blue cone that appears to lineup the best landing.
  • After engaging with Rocket Punch, use Seismic Slam to leap behind the enemy. This forces them to turn around, exposing their back to your team or giving you a chance to shoot them in the face with your Hand Cannon.
  • Avoid chasing characters with Seismic Slam, such as Genji, Tracer or Sombra. It’s better to use Seismic Slam as a mobility tool rather than an attacking one.

Passive Ability: The Best Defense

Description: Generates a temporary shield whenever Doomfist’s abilities deal damage.

  • Shield: +30 (if enemy hit with any of Doomfist’s 3 normal abilities), +75 (if enemies hit with his Ultimate, Meteor Strike)
  • Maximum: 150
  • Decay: 3 per second

Doomfist thrives in close-range encounters where he can unleash a steady flurry of attacks and abilities. His passive ability extends his survivability, granting a small amount of personal shields whenever he hits an enemy. It also allows him to engage enemies by diving into their team, dealing damage while building up a shield that’ll help him live longer.

Ultimate: Meteor Strike

Description: Doomfist launches high into the air, then crashes down into the ground dealing massive damage.

  • Damage: 300 to enemies in the center of the circle, 150 to enemies along the edge
  • Radius: 7 meters

Doomfist’s Ultimate ability lets him escape from the heat of battle, only to hurtle back into the ground, killing most heroes caught in the blast. It’s a great way to eliminate enemies that are packed together behind an Orisa or Reinhardt shield, or stuck in small room or Control point.

When you activate Meteor Strike, you have a short amount of time to decide where to land. The map will zoom out, allowing you to see your destructive radius as a blue circle. Note that enemies aren’t aware of your targeted position until you choose it, in which case they’ll briefly see a red circle on the ground. This makes Meteor Strike easy to avoid for nimble characters, but those caught in the chaos and confusion of battle (which Doomfist thrives on) will likely be killed by the blast.

Tips for Meteor Strike

  • Meteor Strike can land inside buildings, regardless of whether it has a roof.
  • Meteor Strike is a great way to escape a fight. Use it when you’re caught in a pinch and need to get back to your healers.
  • Meteor Strike can be used to reposition yourself. Rather than diving into the thick of a fight, use Meteor Strike to travel to the enemy’s backline, where you can land a killing blow against Zenyatta or Mercy.
  • Use Meteor Strike to zone characters or deny them from accessing a certain point of the map.

Combine Meteor Strike with the following abilities

  • Zarya’s Graviton Surge
  • Reinhardt’s Earthshatter
  • Mei’s Blizzard
  •’s Self-Destruct (you can flush enemies out into her blast, or annihilate those hiding in rooms)
  • McCree’s High Noon (for when you really want to confuse your enemies)

General Tips & Strategy

Utilize Doomfist’s Hand Cannon in conjunction with close-range strikes against enemies. Following up a Rising Uppercut with a headshot is a sure way to eliminate characters quickly.

Be patient. It’s tempting to rush into a group of enemies with Seismic Slam, but chances are you won’t survive the onslaught that follows. Instead, wait for your team to engage first, then look for stragglers or lone flankers that you can dispatch in the confusion.

Doomfist is not ideal for wading into large team fights—unless there’s a distraction. Reserve your abilities for punishing enemies that stray too far from their team.

If you do find yourself leaping into a big brawl, approach it like you would with Winston: dish out damage with your abilities, build up a protective shield, then return to your healers to get topped up.

Remember that all of Doomfist’s abilities can be used to traverse maps and disengage from a fight. Since his abilities reset fairly quickly, don’t be afraid to use Rising Uppercut and a mid-air Rocket Punch to flee a fight that looks unbeatable.

Doomfist’s tactics also rely on committing to an assault. This means if you’re going to Rocket Punch someone, you should commit to killing them, or at least damaging them enough that they’re forced to flee.

Just like Street Fighter, Doomfist’s abilities allow for a variety of combinations. For example, use Seismic Slam to stun someone, then Rising Uppercut to launch them in the air, and then a half or fully charged Rocket Punch to finish them off.

Specific Map Tips


Doomfist Counters

D.Va: D.Va is like a giant shiny punching bag for Doomfist. Her large mech makes it easy to land a fully charged Rocket Punch on, and she can’t use Defense Matrix against any of his abilities (except for his Hand Cannon). Break down her mech with your abilities, then finish her off when she ejects.

Zenyatta: Zenyatta is a long-range DPS/healer hybrid, making him a choice target for Doomfist to mess with. Due to his squishy nature, it won’t take much more than a quick Rocket Punch + Hand Cannon combo to stop him from using Transcendence.

Ana: Ana’s mobility (or lack thereof) prevents her from escaping Doomfist’s assault unless she can land a well-timed Sleep Dart. Since she’s likely to be hanging out along the enemy backline, Doomfist can sneak up and get the jump on her.

Doomfist is countered by

Orisa: Orisa’s Fortify makes her invulnerable to all of Doomfist’s abilities. Her long-range cannon and Projectile Barrier also ensures she can drop Doomfist before he gets close enough to do any serious damage.

Tracer: Tracer is currently Doomfist’s main counter. She can easily outrun (or out Blink) all of his attacks, and her speed makes her impossible to track with his Hand Cannon.

Sombra: Doomfist is reduced to a slow, weak close-range shooter if Sombra hacks him. With no abilities except for his Hand Cannon, she can quickly run him down with her SMG, or make him extra squishy during a team fight.


Rare Skins

Doomfist’s rare skins are all colored variations of his Classic skin—a giant cybernetic right arm, white pants, and tribal face and body paint.

  • Sunset
  • Daisy
  • Lake
  • Plains

Credits: 75

Epic Skins

  • Leopard: Doomfist’s giant arm is covered in a leopard print pattern, and the rest of his skin takes on similar coloring.
  • Painted: Doomfist’s whole body is covered in white paint. The rest of his armor is black, including his pants which are covered in gold embroidery.

Credits: 250 (Basic), 750 (Special Event)*

Legendary Skins

  • Caution: “After losing his arm in the aftermath of the Omnic Crisis, Doomfist turned to cybernetics to recover and even become stronger than before.”
  • Irin: Doomfist’s arm and legs are covered in green robotic plating, and his silver body is completely cybernetic.
  • Avatar: A mythical Doomfist. His red body glows with yellow lines that also run throughout his gauntlet and armor.
  • Spirit: Doomfist is covered with various masks. Even his arm has two masks with glowing eyes.

Credits: 1,000 (Basic), 3,000 (Special Event)*

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