Bastion is a giant walking and (somewhat) talking Gatling gun, capable of transforming between an agile reconnaissance mode and a devastating stationary turret. His play style is more straightforward than other heroes, meaning he’s a great character for beginners to jump into.

In Overwatch lore, Bastion is just one of many Bastion robot units that were used as frontline combatants during the Omnic Crisis. Bastion was critically damaged while on a mission to attack Stuttgart, and lay dormant for 10 years in a forest near Eichenwalde. The bird found perched on Bastion’s shoulder, Ganymede, is the same bird that managed to wake Bastion and influences Bastion’s gentler nature.

Bastion is well suited for holding choke points, guarding defensive objectives and initiating a team push with his Ultimate ability.

Since Bastion wreaks havoc on shields, tanks and immobile characters, he does have a few weaknesses. He can’t move when he’s in Sentry Mode, meaning there’s a slight delay if he needs to transform back to Recon in order to move. While in Sentry Mode Bastion also has bright glowing weak spot behind him that, when hit, inflicts twice as much damage.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Powerful Gatling gun that can tear through enemy shields and tanks
  • Excels at destroying large, slow-moving characters
  • Sentry Mode obliterates heroes at close range
  • Self-Repair enables Bastion to heal himself while stationary or mobile
  • Ultimate ability adds additional armor and can one-shot weak characters
  • Passive ability reduces all damage by 20% while in Sentry or Tank Mode


  • Can’t move while in Sentry mode
  • Can’t attack while using Self-Repair
  • Countered easily when alone
  • Sentry Mode’s weak spot inflicts double damage
  • Long reload time in Recon and Sentry Mode leaves him vulnerable when under fire


Base Stats

  • Health: 200
  • Armor: 100

Main Attack: Configuration: Recon

  • Description: A medium-range submachine gun
  • Damage: 6-20 per shot (depending on distance)
  • Ammo: 25

Bastion’s main attack in Recon Mode is a standard submachine gun. It’s mainly used to help him fend off enemies while trying to relocate or Self-Repair while on the go.

Don’t underestimate Bastion’s Recon Mode. He’s still an effective fighter that can provide mobile assistance and suppressive fire. Although he’s weaker in Recon Mode than other DPS characters, he can still be a threat—especially if he has time to reconfigure into a turret.

Bastion’s accuracy decreases the longer he fires his submachine gun. Try tapping the fire button rather than holding it down to increase his overall accuracy.

Main Attack: Configuration: Sentry

  • Description: A devastating Gatling gun that can rain bullets on enemies from all ranges
  • Damage: 4-15
  • Ammo: 300

Bastion’s main attack in Sentry Mode is rapid-fire Gatling gun that can swiftly cut through enemy characters and defenses.

Firing 35 rounds per second, Bastion’s Sentry gun is seemingly relentless.

Although Bastion can maneuver in a 360-degree radius while in Sentry Mode, he’s susceptible to attacks from above and particularly behind, where his headshot box is now located. As a result, you should try to position Bastion in a corner, against a wall, or behind a shield such as Orisa’s Protective Barrier.

Even with that precaution, however, it’s a good idea not to linger in one spot for long, especially if you recently eliminated multiple characters. Savvy players will try to counter you, but you can keep the upper hand if you continue to relocate.

Tips for Sentry Mode

  • Bastion’s projectiles don’t receive a headshot bonus while in Sentry Mode.
  • In Sentry Mode, Bastion’s reload speed is a lengthy 2 seconds—more than enough time for a fast enemy to get the drop on you. In situations where you are under attack and need to reload, it’s actually better to Reconfigure to Recon Mode, as this not only reloads Bastion’s Gatling gun but also only takes 0.5 seconds.
  • While reloading, take the time to observe your surroundings and keep your ears open in case a Reaper, Tracer or Sombra try to surprise you.
  • Sentry Mode counters Winston and Reinhardt so well that switching to Bastion just to deal with these characters is worth it. Just remember that when the enemy starts countering you back, you shouldn’t necessarily remain as Bastion.
  • If you’re under fire, Self-Repair won’t keep you alive while in Sentry Mode. It’s better to switch to Recon, find cover, then use Self-Repair.
  • While in Sentry Mode, Lucio can’t boop Bastion with Soundwave, Pharah can’t move him with Concussive Blast, Winston can’t knock Bastion away while he’s in Primal Rage, and Roadhog can’t displace him with Whole Hog.
  • However, Roadhog’s hook not only grabs Bastion in Sentry Mode but also will transform Bastion back to Recon Mode. The same applies if Bastion is hit by Reinhardt’s Charge or hacked by Sombra.

Ability 1: Reconfigure

  • Description: Transforms Bastion between Recon Mode and Sentry Mode
  • Cooldown: None
  • Duration: 0.5-1 second

Reconfigure reloads Bastion’s weapon and allows him to relocate or set up his turret.

You can also use Reconfigure while jumping in Recon Mode. Reconfiguring while in the air enables Bastion to start shooting in Sentry Mode as soon as he lands.

Ability 2: Self-Repair

  • Description: Bastion heals himself while in any Configuration Mode
  • Healing: 25% HP per second
  • Duration: Up to 5 seconds depending on how long Self-Repair is used for
  • Cooldown: 7 seconds to fully recharge

Bastion is equipped with a powerful self-healing ability that enables him to regain complete base health and armor in 5 seconds or less.

Bastion can’t attack while using Self-Repair, but he can still move and heal himself at the same time (while in Recon or Tank Mode) and Self-Repair can’t be interrupted by enemy attacks (except Sombra’s Hack and Ana’s Biotic Grenade).

Similar to’s Defense Matrix, Self-Repair can either be used for a short amount of time or held down to provide maximum healing.

Tips for using Self-Repair

  • Combined with Bastion’s Ironclad passive while in Sentry or Tank Mode, Self-Repair makes Bastion even harder to eliminate.
  • Ana’s Biotic Grenade allows Bastion to heal himself 50% faster using Self-Repair
  • On the other hand, if Bastion is hit by an enemy Ana’s Biotic Grenade, he won’t be able to use Self-Repair for 4 seconds.
  • Alternate between firing your submachine gun in Recon Mode and Self-Repairing if you end up caught in a firefight while relocating.
  • Self-Repair can’t be activated if the gauge is below 20%. Keep this in mind if you’re fending off enemies and healing at the same time.

Passive Ability: Ironclad

Description: Reduces all damage by 20% while in Sentry or Tank Mode

Bastion’s passive greatly increases his survivability, allowing him maintain his Sentry Mode turret for a longer period of time then if he were to attack in Recon Mode. This is an automatic bonus applied to Bastion while he’s in Sentry or Tank mode.

Bastion can actually win certain firefights by switching from Recon to Sentry Mode thanks to Ironclad. If you see an opening (such as Zarya reloading her gun, or a Reinhardt that missed you while charging), immediately transform into Sentry and focus them down.

Ultimate: Configuration: Tank

  • Description: Bastion transforms into a wheeled Tank capable of firing powerful long-range projectiles
  • Damage: 205 damage per shot
  • Health: +150 armor
  • Duration: 8 seconds

Bastion’s Ultimate transforms the friendly Omnic into a lethal tank with destructive firepower.

Use it against multiple enemies grouped in narrow or confined areas, or as a way to initiate a team push by distracting tanks or picking off crucial supports from the backline.

Rather than charging straight into battle, trying flanking the enemy team before casting Bastion’s Ultimate. Taking them by surprise gives you more time to observe and lineup the best shots.

Tips for Tank Mode

  • Tank Mode’s projectiles cause splash damage as well. Aim for clustered groups of enemies for maximum damage, or pair his Ultimate with Zarya’s Graviton Surge and Mei’s Blizzard for easier kills.
  • Bastion no longer has a weak spot and continues to benefit from his Ironclad passive perk, allowing him to survive longer as a tank in the midst of a heated battle.
  • Bastion’s Self-Repair still works while in Tank Mode, but avoid using it unless it’s absolutely necessary since you only have 8 seconds as a tank.
  • Similar to Winston, Bastion’s Ultimate works well as a crowd controlling mechanism, scattering a team or pushing them into a vulnerable area.
  •, Reinhardt and Orisa can all negate Bastion’s Ultimate attack to some degree. Make sure you take these heroes down before charging in as a tank.
  • Although Bastion gains extra armor from Tank Mode, he doesn’t regain any lost health. Avoid using his Ultimate to stay alive in a fight, since the 1.5-second casting time is long enough to get Bastion killed.
  • Bastion can propel himself using his own cannon blasts by aiming towards the ground, jumping in the air then immediately firing a shot. This method can be used propel Bastion behind an enemy barrier, or gain a high ground advantage.

General Tips & Strategy

As Bastion, you shouldn’t remain in one position for too long. Constantly look for different vantage points based on where and how the enemy team is attacking you. This is especially true if you think the enemy knows where you’re located.

Coordinated players can team up with a friendly Mei who can use Ice Wall to boost Bastion to high grounds he wouldn’t usually be capable of exploring.

Never stay in front of focused fire for too long, even while using Self-Repair. If Widowmaker, Ana or Hanzo land a shot on you, it’s time to find a new location.

Bastion can inflict much more chaos if he has a high ground advantage. Scout your surroundings and use Recon Mode to position Bastion in an area where he can inflict damage while avoiding direct fire.

Although Bastion shines on defense, an attacking Bastion can sneak behind the enemy defense and wait for his team to initiate a fight before transforming to Sentry Mode and attacking the rear.

A common strategy is to place Reinhardt, Bastion and Mercy together on top of a Payload. They not only move it along quickly, but Reinhardt’s shield protects Bastion while Mercy damage boosts him maximum effect.

An enemy will try to eat your Sentry Mode Gatling gun with her Defense Matrix, while her team maneuvers around her to pick you off. If this occurs, stop firing at and either regroup with your team and pick off a different target that can’t be protected by

Keep your ears open in case an enemy Widowmaker uses her Ultimate. She’ll be able to flush out your Sentry Mode location, making you an obvious target to her entire team.

Specific Map Tips

Bastion is considered a defensive character and he pairs well on Assault maps, but he’s also capable of crippling a team’s offense on Control maps as well.


Point A offers some interesting defensive locations for Bastion, including a rising elevator platform. A great spot for his Sentry Mode is the door straight ahead of the payload. He’ll be able to defend the Payload, and the enemy team won’t notice he’s there until they’re trying to capture the point.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar

On Defense Bastion should set up above the tunnel entrance outside Point A. He can add suppressive fire against the payload, shoot down any Pharahs coming from the spawn room, and watch for enemies coming up the left staircase. Be careful here though, as flankers will come from Bastion’s right side.

Another good spot for Bastion’s Sentry turret is right above the first checkpoint door. This not only provides a couple of crates for Bastion to duck into for cover, but there are doors on either side behind him in case he needs to make a quick escape. Also any flankers trying to take the high ground are visible well in advance.


All three Oasis control maps provide nooks and corners for Bastion to utilize. Capturing the point before the other team gives Bastion even more time to set up somewhere unexpected.


Bastion is ideal for eliminating big, slow, high-health characters. He’s also adept at annihilating squishier DPS characters, although certain characters pose a problem.

Bastion Counters

McCree: McCree’s slow mobility usually means he resides closer to the backend of his team, firing headshots and using Flashbang against flankers. He’s an easy target because he’s unlikely to sneak behind Bastion to hit his weak spot, and also because he’s vulnerable while using Deadeye, giving Bastion just enough time to take him down.

Reinhardt: Bastion is a go-to pick for countering Reinhardt because his Gatling gun completely shreds Reinhardt’s health and shield. And because he’s such a big target, Bastion can hit him easily from almost any range.

Winston: Although Winston can drop a shield around Bastion to block his shots, Bastion can melt through this fairly quickly. Winston’s Tesla Cannon does minimal damage against a Bastion with Ironclad, and his Primal Rage can’t knockback Bastion in Sentry Mode. All in all, Winston can be dealt with quite easily.

Bastion is countered by

Genji: Genji’s agility makes him a hard target for Bastion to track and eliminate, but on top of that he can sneak behind Bastion to dish out damage or keep him distracted. If Bastion is unloading his Gatling gun in Sentry Mode, Genji can rush into the fire and use Deflect to melt him.

Ana: Due to Bastion’s immobility while in Sentry Mode, Ana can easily plant a Sleep Dart on him, taking him out of a team fight or leaving him vulnerable for another hero to destroy.

Tracer: Tracer can quickly close the gap between herself and Bastion using Blink, which can also be frustrating for Bastion to follow if he’s trying to shoot her in Sentry Mode. From behind him, Tracer can dispatch Bastion with her pistols or land a Pulse Bomb on his back for an easy elimination.


Rare Skins

Bastion’s rare skins are all colored variations of his Classic skin—the standard issue armor that makes up every Bastion robot unit.

Credits: 75

Epic Skins

  • Defense Matrix: A black, white and yellow variation of Bastion’s Classic skin, with a Blue Jay Ganymede on his shoulder.
  • Omnic Crisis: A fierce Bastion unit ready for battle, featuring orange camouflage plating, black metal interior and a bright red Ganymede.
  • Blizzcon*: A shiny black and blue Bastion unit featuring the Blizzcon logo on his chest plate. Ganymede is gold with a blue beak. (Blizzcon 2016)
  • Tombstone*: A ghostly Bastion unit with “R.I.P” spelled across his chest plate. Made out of cracked stone pieces and faded purple metal. Ganymede has changed into a black crow. (Halloween Event)
  • Rooster*: Bastion’s armor plating is black, gold and red, and adorned with golden Chinese motifs. Ganymede is a rooster. (Lunar Event)
  • Null Sector*: Bastion units were reengineered by Null Sector to fight during the King’s Row Uprising. Bastion’s armor is black and bright purple, while Ganymede is grey and orange. (Uprising Event)

Credits: 250 (Basic), 750 (Special Event)*

Legendary Skins

  • Antique: Bastion looks like an old wooden collectible, while Ganymede is colored grey, red and white.
  • Woodbot: Bastion’s armor consists of shiny lacquered wood and white metal. Ganymede has hints of brown and yellow.
  • Gearbot: A tarnished and rusted copper Bastion from a bygone era. Ganymede is a dirty pigeon.
  • Steambot: A shiny and majestic golden Bastion unit from a bygone era. Ganymede is a brilliant white dove.
  • Overgrown*: Bastion and Ganymede as they appeared when Bastion woke up in the Black Forest years after the
  • Omnic Crisis ended. He’s covered in flowers and grass, and Ganymede has built a nest with eggs on one of shoulders. (Overwatch: Origins Edition)
  • Dune Buggy*: Bastion is a transforming dune buggy with orange piping. His shoulders are now tires and he sports a rally flag while in all configuration modes. Ganymede is a black and white checkered bird with a mohawk. (2017 Anniversary Event)

Credits: 1,000 (Basic), 3,000 (Special Event)*

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