Ana is a sniper/healer hybrid and Overwatch’s resident mom, dishing out tough love and sage advice from her years spent on the battlefield.

In Overwatch Lore, Ana Amari is a founding member of Overwatch and the mother of Pharah. Long considered the world’s best sniper, Ana served next to Jack Morrison (Soldier: 76) as his second-in-command. Ana was reported KIA after encountering the Talon agent Widowmaker — another talented sniper — but she survived the fight and resurfaced many years later.

Ana will stop at nothing to protect her daughter and her loved ones from danger.

Ana is arguably the most difficult healer to play in Overwatch. She requires precision aiming in order to heal allies on the field, and her Ultimate ability can’t directly save her team like Mercy, Zenyatta and Lucio’s abilities can.

However, Ana is also the fastest healer in Overwatch (in terms of health per second). This strength, along with an ability that allows her to shutdown most enemy ults, make her a popular choice on many teams.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Sleep Dart ability can shutdown most Ultimate attacks
  • Combining her Ultimate with an ally’s can result in devestating effects
  • Can both heal and deal damage across long distances
  • Can block enemies from being able to heal for short periods of time


  • Doesn’t directly benefit from her Ultimate ability
  • Low mobility makes her an easy target to isolate and eliminate
  • Can’t “solo heal” a team compared to dedicated healers like Mercy
  • High skill ceiling makes her a difficult healer to master


Base Stats

  • Health: 200
  • Armor: None

Main Attack: Biotic Rifle

  • Description: A sniper rifle equipped with biotic darts that heal allies and damage enemies.
  • Health (Allies): 75 per shot
  • Damage (Enemies): 60 per shot
  • Ammo: 10

Ana’s primary weapon is a modified sniper rifle that fires healing darts at allies, or health sapping darts at enemies. The rifle automatically adjusts health/damage according to who gets hit, so there’s no reason to fear accidentally healing an enemy.

For most allies, it’s easier to heal them by hip firing than it is to scope and aim. In fact, most of the time you should hip fire: it’s relatively easy to hit short-range targets in front of you, be they allies or opponents.

Damage to enemies is dealt over a small amount of time. Each dart ticks away 60 HP and does not do headshot damage, meaning as Ana you can hit your target anywhere to deal the same amount of damage (or healing, for that matter).

Remember: Ana is first and foremost a support/healer. Many Ana players get absorbed in scoping and damaging enemies, but this isn’t her main role. Always make healing your teammates a top priority. If the opportunity arises to take out a low health opponent from across the map, take it—but only if your team isn’t in any immediate danger.

Tips for Biotic Rifle

  • Hip firing is easier than scoped firing, and will generally suffice 75-80% of the time.
  • Scoped firing is great for healing allies at long-range.
  • Ana’s Biotic Rifle is a hitscan weapon, meaning there’s no travel time for her darts. As such, she’s actually a good counter for Pharah since she doesn’t need to compensate for the travel time of a projectile.
  • Ally hitboxes are larger for Ana, which means they’re easier to hit than enemies.
  • Ana can fire one round every 0.8 seconds, meaning she can heal 90 HP per second.

Ability 1: Sleep Dart

  • Description: Ana uses her sidearm to shoot a sleep dart at an enemy, putting them to sleep temporarily.
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds
  • Duration: 5 seconds

Ana’s Sleep Dart is capable of incapacitating any hero for up to 5 seconds. Enemies that are asleep can’t move or use abilities, and their allies can’t wake them. Taking damage is the only way to awaken prematurely.

This means that while Ana’s Sleep Dart is a potent ability, she should do her best to coordinate who she’s targeting with a Sleep Dart to ensure her allies don’t wake them on accident. Nothing feels worse then sleeping an enemy Genji in the middle of his Dragonblade, only for your team’s Lucio to boop him awake.

Tips for Sleep Dart

  • Communicate Sleep Dart with your team as often as possible. This will prevent them from waking someone up on accident.
  • Sometimes it’s better to ignore a sleeping target then it is to try to eliminate them quickly. If you sleep a high priority target but need to focus on healing your team, let that enemy sleep. Just by removing them from a team push turns a 6-v-6 into a 5-v-6. Better yet, tell your team someone is asleep nearby and group up to take them out.
  • Firing Sleep Dart into a contested objective is a good way to guarantee hitting someone, but just be careful your team is aware you’re trying to sleep someone.
  • Save an ally from Reinhardt’s Charge by sleeping him before he smashes them against a wall.
  • Note that sleep dart has a tiny casting time to it (.25 seconds) meaning you’ll have to compensate for the delay in order to hit agile character.
  • Aim for characters with large hit boxes, such as Doomfist,, Roadhog, Winston, Reinhardt and Orisa.

Characters and abilities that can block Sleep Dart

  • All shields can block Sleep Dart
  • Constructed items aren’t affected by Sleep Dart (Torbjorn turrets, Symmetra’s turrets, teleporter and shield generator)
  • Orisa can use Fortify to block Sleep Dart
  • Zenyatta can use Transcendence to block Sleep Dart (although you can still sleep enemies he’s protecting with Transcendence)
  • can absorb Sleep Dart with her Defense Matrix
  • Reaper can use Wraith Form to avoid Sleep Dart
  • Anyone being resurrected by Mercy is temporarily invulnerable to Sleep Dart
  • Genji can use Deflect to reverse Sleep Dart, putting Ana to sleep instead

Blocking Ultimate abilities with Sleep Dart

Sleep Dart can knock targets out while they’re using or casting an Ultimate ability. Prioritize the following enemies if you see or hear them casting their Ultimate.

  • Reaper’s Death Blossom
  • McCree’s Deadeye
  • Winston’s Primal Rage
  • Roadhog’s Whole Hog
  • Pharah’s Barrage

Sleep Dart combo

Sleep Dart can be combined with Ana’s abilities to take out most heroes before they have a chance to react. After sleeping an opponent, position Ana behind them so they can’t see her when they wake up. Then use Biotic Rifle, melee and Biotic Grenade to inflict a massive amount of damage at once.

Ability 2: Biotic Grenade

  • Description: Ana chucks a grenade that instantly heals allies and damages enemies.
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds
  • Duration: 4 seconds
  • Health (Allies): 100, increases any healing effect by 100%
  • Damage (Enemies): 60, blocks all healing effects

Biotic Grenade is a powerful AoE ability packed with the same heal/damage capabilities of Ana’s Biotic Rifle.

When used on allies, Biotic Grenade instantly heals 100 HP and doubles any healing effect for 4 seconds, allowing Ana (and any other healer) to quickly heal her allies.

When used on enemies, Biotic Grenade deals 60 damage and blocks any healing effect for 4 seconds. It’s extremely useful against any opponent that is being pocket healed by a Mercy or other healer.

Note that Biotic Grenade can be used on allies and enemies at the same time. This is great for when you’re surrounded on contesting a payload, as you can deal damage and heal everyone around you (including Ana) by throwing a Biotic Grenade on the ground.

Using Biotic Grenade on Allies

Any allies buffed by Biotic Grenade can be healed twice as fast. This makes Ana an excellent choice for assisting other healers on her team.

  • Mercy’s Caduceus Staff now heals 100 HP per second.
  • Lucio’s Healing Aura now heals 24 HP per second.
  • Zenyatta’s Harmony Orb now heals 60 HP per second. Transcendence now heals 600 HP per second.
  • Roadhog’s Take a Breather now completely heals him (600 HP).
  • Soldier’s Biotic Field now heals 70 HP per second.
  • Ana’s Biotic Rifle now heals 150 HP per shot.

Using Biotic Grenade on Enemies

  • Use Biotic Grenade against Mercy to prevent her passive ability from automatically healing her.
  • Use Biotic Grenade against Soldier 76 to prevent him from healing himself with Biotic Field.
  • Use Biotic Grenade against enemies caught in Zarya’s Graviton Surge.
  • Use Biotic Grenade against Sombra to prevent her from replenishing health using a hacked health pack.
  • Use Biotic Grenade against enemies that are being healed by Zenyatta’s Transcendence or Harmony Orb. It won’t stop Transcendence, but it will prevent anyone hit from being healed.
  • Orisa cannot block Biotic Grenade using Fortify.

Heroes and abilities that can avoid Biotic Grenade

  • Tracer can use Recall to remove the negative effect of Biotic Grenade.
  • Reaper can use Wraith Form to remove the negative effect of Biotic Grenade.
  • All shields can block Biotic Grenade.
  • Zarya’s Particle and Projected Barrier block Biotic Grenade.
  • Genji can use Deflect to reverse Biotic Grenade, harming Ana instead.
  • Enemies that are being resurrected by Mercy are temporarily invulnerable to Biotic Grenade.

Healing Ana

Ana can use Biotic Grenade on herself to instantly replenish 100 HP. Furthermore, it’s a great ability to use on herself when surrounded by enemies. She’ll not only receive the health boost, but she’ll damage anyone caught in the blast.

To heal Ana, simply throw Biotic Grenade at the ground underneath her.

Ultimate: Nano Boost

  • Description: Ana uses a special dart on an ally that increases their strength and defense for a short period of time.
  • Duration: 8 seconds
  • Damage output: +50%
  • Damage taken: -50%

Ana’s Ultimate ability, Nano Boost, is an aggressive ability that magnifies the capabilities of its target. It’s a useful ability for initiating a team push or thwarting a possible fight, as Nano Boosted heroes are more likely to kill enemies or at least intimidate a team long enough to disrupt their backline.

Allies hit with Nano Boost will crackle with blue electricity, while enemies will appear bright orange.

Tips for Nano Boost

  • Communicate with your team before boosting them. Nothing feels worse than a boosted Reinhardt that charges into battle only to get shutdown.
  • Avoid Nano Boosting heroes that won’t actively benefit from it, such as Mercy, Lucio, or Zenyatta.
  • Nano Boost doesn’t heal allies, so don’t confuse it as a method to quickly save someone in an emergency. While your target will take less damage, a Genji with 20 HP will probably die with or without Nano Boost.
  • You don’t always have to combine Nano Boost with an Ultimate ability—sometimes it’s worth Nano Boosting your Reinhardt just to kill a high priority target, like Mercy.

Heroes that benefit the most from Nano Boost

  • Genji when he uses Dragonblade
  • Doomfist when he uses Meteor Strike
  • Reinhardt when he uses Earthshatter
  • McCree as he’s casting High Noon
  • Soldier: 76 when he uses Tactical Visor
  • Reaper when he uses Death Blossom

General Tips & Strategy

Ana is the fastest healer per second in Overwatch. Mercy’s Caduceus Staff heals 50 HP per second, whereas Ana heals 75 HP per shot, or 90 HP per second if you’re continuously healing an ally.

Don’t be afraid to jump into a team fight. If it means capturing or holding an objective, stay on the point, stick with your tanks, and feed them health while lobbing biotic grenades at groups of enemies.

Snipe from safety, but change cover often. Like any sniper, the longer you hold a position, the more likely an enemy will sniff you out. Although you can stealthily heal allies from a distance, try to group up with them as often as possible in order to deter flankers from homing in on you.

It’s just as difficult for Ana to heal agile teammates as it is for the enemy. Don’t waste time (and bullets) trying to heal any Genjis, Tracers or Pharahs on your team—it’s not worth it. Besides, those types of heroes are designed to rely on health packs more than healers. Instead, focus on healing big burly tank heroes and slow but deadly DPS characters, such as Winston, Reinhardt, McCree, Reaper and Junkrat.

Don’t forget about Ana’s Sleep Dart ability. It’s a powerful tool that can save teammates, confuse enemies, and buy your team more time to take out crucial targets.

Specific Map Tips

Ana is particularly effective as an attacker on Assault and Escort maps, since Nano Boost is more aggressive than other support ults. She’s okay on Defense, and can be a valuable asset on Control maps if she has another healer helping her out.

King’s Row

On Attack, position Ana on the theater balcony and let your team capture the objective. From this vantage point you can heal them as long as they stay on the objective. If you need to be more aggressive you can maneuver around the base of the statue to sleep enemies and heal your squad.


On Attack, take the left staircase before reaching Point A, which gives you the high ground advantage over the objective. From here you can heal and attack most of allies and enemies—especially useful if there is a Bastion or Torbjorn turret on the right side of the arena that needs to be slept or taken out.


On Defense, Ana can remain near the giant bell on Point A and fire healing darts at her team defending the first choke at the gate. She can sleep anyone that tries to flank and capture the point. On Defense, utilize the high ground surrounding Point B to heal your team without the enemy noticing you.


Ana should make healing allies her primary focus. However, if she encounters one of the following characters, she should either try to quickly eliminate them or request backup if she’s being overwhelmed by pesky flankers.

Ana Counters

Roadhog: Roadhog’s Take a Breather ability allows him to replenish a whopping 300 HP in the heat of battle. Thankfully, Ana can shutdown his ability by chucking a biotic grenade at him, then firing darts at him from a distance. Roadhog is a large target, making him easy for her to take shots at in-between healing allies. His Ultimate can also be interrupted with a well-timed Sleep Dart.

Pharah: Eliminating your own daughter from the fight? That’ll leave a scar. Ana is actually a pretty good counter to Pharah due to the hitscan nature of her Biotic Rifle. Her bullets don’t have a travel time, so as long as Pharah is lined up in Ana’s sights she’ll be able to drain her health quickly.

Bastion: Ana can use a Biotic Grenade to block Bastion’s self-healing ability. She can also coordinate with her team to sleep a Bastion in Sentry Mode, allowing her team easily close the distance between Bastion and take him out quickly.

Ana is countered by

Tracer: Tracer is quick enough to avoid Ana’s long-range fire and Sleep Dart. Because Ana tends to hang around the Payload or backline of her team, Tracer can flank from behind and take her down relatively fast.

Genji: Genji’s double jump makes him very hard to pinpoint and target with Ana’s Biotic Rifle. He can deflect her Sleep Dart (putting Ana to sleep instead!) and harass her from the backend.

Winston: Although Winston is easy to hit with a Sleep Dart, if Ana doesn’t have Sleep Dart available she won’t be able to counter him if he pounces and zaps her to death.


Rare Skins

Ana’s rare skins are all colored variations of her Classic skin, a tattered sniper’s cloak and medic satchel, with hints of Overwatch blue woven throughout.

  • Citrine
  • Garnet
  • Peridot
  • Turquoise

Credits: 75

Epic Skins

  • Merciful: The white and red colors of a medic, Ana looks like she’s ready to revive some fallen comrades on the battlefield.
  • Shrike: Is this Destiny? Futuristic outfit and headgear make Ana look like she’s ready to defend the Last City.
  • Ghoul*: Ana looks like a creepy pumpkin monster in this orange and black Halloween costume. (Halloween Event)
  • Tal*: Ana wears a slightly unnerving mask, with a colorful outfit representing the traditional Korean dance, Talchum. (Year of the Rooster Event)

Credits: 250 (Basic), 750 (Special Event)*

Legendary Skins

  • Wadjet: A white and teal outfit designed for future biotic medics.
  • Wasteland: A post-apocalyptic outfit, complete with a gas mask for the irradiated wastelands.
  • Captain Amari: Ana was a founding member of Overwatch. This was her strike outfit she used for official missions.
  • Horus: An orange and grey variation of Ana’s Overwatch strike outfit.

Credits: 1,000 (Basic), 3,000 (Special Event)*

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