Many Overwatch players will say that competitive is the true meat of the game. While not everyone (including us) agrees with this, it might prompt new players into wanting to beeline progress until level 25, when competitive play becomes unlocked. Thankfully (for these players at least) there is a handful of ways to maximise XP income in Blizzard’s award-winning shooter, and playing efficiently can get you to 25 in no time.

However, before you embark upon this quest, keep something in mind – a fresh level 25 player isn’t ready for competitive play, even if that’s when the feature is unlocked. At least, they almost never are.

You can hit 25 in a fairly short amount of time and you’ll probably unlock competitive play before you’ve fully grasped many of the nuances of the game. In such a small timeframe, you’ll only have experienced a small number of all the possible hero comps and encounters between various team setups.

There is a measure of experience that cannot be enumerated in simple XP that comes from more practice, which is essential in competitive play. Doing placements as a fresh level 25 doesn’t only do a disservice to yourself, but also your teammates who will suffer for your impatience.

However, if you are nonetheless eager to hit that particular milestone as soon as possible, you can follow some of these tips to get you up there. Overwatch is a game the complexities of which lie in technique and strategy, not necessarily in actual tangible game mechanics. So there isn’t a whole lot to this, but Blizzard did include some systems that affect XP income.

Play More

It may seem obvious, but it really is the most effective thing we can say, play consecutive matches.

While some of the other XP modifiers give you percentage boosts, none of them are highly substantial, instead being small bonuses that add up in the long run. Add them to the cumulative XP bonuses for playing consecutive matches (300 XP) though, and you see why this is the first and foremost method to follow. Not only will simply playing the game more help you get to the coveted 25th level quicker, the more you play the more actual experience (not the in-game XP points) you acquire, which will benefit you once you are ready to hit competitive.

While you should keep putting those hours in, don’t lose sight of your non-gaming life in the process. Overwatch can be highly addictive, as proven by the massive highly dedicated fanbase it has acquired, but too much of a good thing can be harmful. Even Blizzard likes to remind players with in-game text to sometimes take a break and catch some vit D and fresh air every now and then.

Party Up

Overwatch is a teamwork based game and rewards you for working together with your mates – both literally and figuratively. The literal part is what interests us here, as being in a party with one or more other players and running matches together yields a global 20% XP boost, meaning you’ll get that much more from every source of CP in the game. Naturally, this then urges players to perform better in matches as that rewards them with more XP, which is then boosted by this bonus.

Go Forth To Victory

Winning, which should be an objective of yours anyways, also happens to very conveniently be a fantastic source of XP, considering the bonus you get for scoring victory. This all ties back to partying up. If you’re playing in a party, it’s logical to assume you are communicating with the party members and can coordinate yourselves.

As a deeply teamwork based game, Overwatch particularly requires of its players to communicate and work together in order to win. Hence, playing with a party will not only give you an XP boost, but up your chances of winning, which also gives you an XP boost. Your first victory each day will give you a huge 1,500 XP boost, though this is exempt from any modifier, and each other victory will give you a 500 XP bonus.

All That Shines Is XP

Getting gold medals is another great way to rack up that XP quick. If you “farm” these, it means you’ll need to excel in either healing, eliminations, damage dealt or objective time.

Getting a gold medal means that you performed best out of your whole team in one of these categories, meaning you’ll need to play extremely well and learn the nuances of your preferred hero in order to earn one. Bronze and Silver medals also provide bonus XP, but naturally Gold is what you should be gunning for. The three tiers provide 50, 100 and 150 XP, respectively.

However, keep in mind that victory is more important than medals, so don’t compromise your team’s strategy just because you see an opportunity to get ahead in one of these stats. Eliminations is particularly a category which woos players into ditching the teamwork aspect and going after kills. But in the grand scheme of things, you’ll lose more than you’ll gain.

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