Because Heroes Play Together…

We all know that Overwatch is a massive hit. In the year alone since it launched, the game’s player base increased to over 30 million. However, if you’re playing without a proper group and just hop into random matches, it can be easy to feel alone amidst a sea of players.

Overwatch is a cooperative team-based game where communication and team dynamic is key. Finding a group to play with regularly is one of the keys to upping your game. So, how do you go about doing that?

Why Teams Are Important

First of all, you’ll need to understand the fundamentals of Overwatch.

Teams of 6 duke it out across a varied selection of maps with different objectives and characteristics. Each Hero brings their own set of strengths and weaknesses to the battlefield, so a good team build-up is essential for success. You’ll likely get hammered if there are no healers in the group, or steamrolled if there are no tanks.

Communication is also key. Certain characters act as scouts, forging ahead to spot enemy team movements, however the intel they gather is no use if they don’t share it with the rest of their team. Communicating with an established group that you’re familiar and comfortable with will be much easier than trying to have your voice heard among a group of random players.

Grouping up also has benefits beyond improved performance in the game. If multiple players are in a party when playing Overwatch, all members benefit from a 20% experience point bonus which will help you rank up much faster than if you’re playing solo. You’ll know you’re in a group when your name turns green.

With all these benefits, there really isn’t any reason to skimp on the little effort needed to find yourself a group.

Try Locally

This is without a doubt the best method to find a group. If you’re physically close to the people you play with, you can establish an even better group dynamic than with online friends, and chances are some members will be people you know already.

Gaming has become fairly mainstream and commonplace, with pretty much every city having venues for likeminded people to gather and discuss their hobby. E-sport bars, gaming nights, LAN parties, conventions and the like are all great opportunities to get a group set up for Overwatch.

LFG Websites

Looking for groups with whom to play games together is hardly a new concept. Ever since MMOs rose to popularity, this has been a hurdle many players wanted to tackle, and so the demand was met with specialized websites offering just that.

Simply hitting up Google will spit out countless results for Overwatch alone, but some of the most popular LFG websites are Overwatchlf, and Overwatch-Teamup. Here you can find a group, or players for your existing but under-manned group, based on the level of play you’re interested in, roles, amount of time available for playing and more.

LFG Subreddits

Reddit is a useful site for a great many things, finding Overwatch groups included. Again, there are dedicated subreddits designed with team ups and group building in mind, where you can find any number of players across all roles and heroes. Undoubted the largest community is OverwatchLFT, however OverwatchLFG also has a nice number of readers.

Your Friends List

It should go without saying, but we’d get too many comments if we left this out. The easiest way to find some team-mates for Overwatch is to consult your gaming platform friends list! And if they don’t currently play the game, then maybe try and convince them to try it out.

Watch That Payload

While these tips should set you up with a group quickly enough, there are a number of other methods out there. Gaming oriented forums are a good place for recruitment, and there are numerous Facebook groups dedicated to Overwatch where you can try to hook up with fellow players as well.

With all of these resources, putting together a crack team of players should take no time at all, and you’ll be gliding to the top of the leaderboards before you can say “watch that payload”.

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