Moira Hero Guide

Moira is a short-to-long range biotic support hero that can dish out large amounts of AoE damage and healing. Her abilities enable her to fluctuate between offensive attacking with light healing, or heavy-duty healing with the occasional damage dealing. In Overwatch lore, Moira O’Deorain is a 48-year-old morally ambiguous scientist with a knack for risky […]

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Genji Hero Guide

One of Overwatch’s most popular heroes, Genji is notoriously hard to master due to a high skill ceiling and precision aiming that requires sharp reflexes. However, in the right hands he’s an absolute beast that can slink around the battlefield like a ninja, picking opponents off one by one in quick succession. In Overwatch lore, […]

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Symmetra Hero Guide

Symmetra is a defensive support hero that bends light into matter. She can construct multiple mini-laser turrets, project a moving shield that blocks projectiles, buff her team with a Shield Generator, and create a Teleporter that instantly warps allies across a map. In Overwatch lore, Satya Vaswani was a gifted child capable of bending light […]

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Winston Hero Guide

A super smart ape with a heart of gold, Winston is an agile tank-type hero adept at scattering team compositions and sowing chaos and confusion on the battlefield. In Overwatch lore, Winston is a genetically engineered gorilla that happens to be a brilliant scientist. He was created on the moon, at Horizon Lunar Colony. The […]

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The Fastest Route To Level 25

Many Overwatch players will say that competitive is the true meat of the game. While not everyone (including us) agrees with this, it might prompt new players into wanting to beeline progress until level 25, when competitive play becomes unlocked. Thankfully (for these players at least) there is a handful of ways to maximise XP […]

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Zenyatta Hero Guide

Zenyatta is an orb-slingin’ Buddhist robot that waxes philosophical while picking off enemies from a distance. Representing both Yin and Yang, Zenyatta can heal allies and weaken enemies at the same time. In Overwatch lore, Tekhartha Zenyatta was part of a commune of Omnic monks, known as the Shambali, that abandoned their preprogrammed robotic lives […]

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Mei Hero Guide

Mei is a defensive hero that can create giant walls of ice to shield her team. She also has a self-healing ability that allows her to contest objectives in overtime while avoiding attacks, and an Ultimate ability that zones and freezes all enemies in their tracks. In Overwatch lore, Mei-Ling Zhou is a kind and […]

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Best Solo Overwatch Heroes

Overwatch is primarily a team based game, meaning striking out on your own isn’t something you should do often or get particularly used to. Communication and teamwork are key for success, and well-coordinated groups will almost always stomp poorly organized randoms, even if the latter have more skill individually. That said, sometimes your clan mates […]

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McCree Hero Guide

McCree is a DPS offense character with a powerful revolver as his primary attack. He’s a solid choice for most team compositions as he can quickly remove pesky characters like Pharah from a fight. If you’re a fan of lining up headshots at mid-range and targeting high priority enemies, McCree might be your new favorite […]

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Orisa Hero Guide

Orisa is a giant quadrapedal tank that shields her team from incoming damage while boosting their firepower with a disruptive Ultimate ability. She’s considered an “anchor” tank—strengthening and defending her team as long as they stick near her. In Overwatch lore, Orisa is a repurposed omnic robot that serves only to protect. Created by the […]

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