Moira Hero Guide

Moira is a short-to-long range biotic support hero that can dish out large amounts of AoE damage and healing. Her abilities enable her to fluctuate between offensive attacking with light healing, or heavy-duty healing with the occasional damage dealing. In Overwatch lore, Moira O’Deorain is a 48-year-old morally ambiguous scientist with a knack for risky […]

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Genji Hero Guide

One of Overwatch’s most popular heroes, Genji is notoriously hard to master due to a high skill ceiling and precision aiming that requires sharp reflexes. However, in the right hands he’s an absolute beast that can slink around the battlefield like a ninja, picking opponents off one by one in quick succession. In Overwatch lore, […]

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Symmetra Hero Guide

Symmetra is a defensive support hero that bends light into matter. She can construct multiple mini-laser turrets, project a moving shield that blocks projectiles, buff her team with a Shield Generator, and create a Teleporter that instantly warps allies across a map. In Overwatch lore, Satya Vaswani was a gifted child capable of bending light […]

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Winston Hero Guide

A super smart ape with a heart of gold, Winston is an agile tank-type hero adept at scattering team compositions and sowing chaos and confusion on the battlefield. In Overwatch lore, Winston is a genetically engineered gorilla that happens to be a brilliant scientist. He was created on the moon, at Horizon Lunar Colony. The […]

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Zenyatta Hero Guide

Zenyatta is an orb-slingin’ Buddhist robot that waxes philosophical while picking off enemies from a distance. Representing both Yin and Yang, Zenyatta can heal allies and weaken enemies at the same time. In Overwatch lore, Tekhartha Zenyatta was part of a commune of Omnic monks, known as the Shambali, that abandoned their preprogrammed robotic lives […]

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Mei Hero Guide

Mei is a defensive hero that can create giant walls of ice to shield her team. She also has a self-healing ability that allows her to contest objectives in overtime while avoiding attacks, and an Ultimate ability that zones and freezes all enemies in their tracks. In Overwatch lore, Mei-Ling Zhou is a kind and […]

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McCree Hero Guide

McCree is a DPS offense character with a powerful revolver as his primary attack. He’s a solid choice for most team compositions as he can quickly remove pesky characters like Pharah from a fight. If you’re a fan of lining up headshots at mid-range and targeting high priority enemies, McCree might be your new favorite […]

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Orisa Hero Guide

Orisa is a giant quadrapedal tank that shields her team from incoming damage while boosting their firepower with a disruptive Ultimate ability. She’s considered an “anchor” tank—strengthening and defending her team as long as they stick near her. In Overwatch lore, Orisa is a repurposed omnic robot that serves only to protect. Created by the […]

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Sombra Hero Guide

Sombra is a stealthy assault character that manipulates the flow of battle by hacking characters and health packs. She’s particularly effective against tanks, as her Hack ability disables shields and renders most short-range characters vulnerable. Her Ultimate ability, EMP, can shutdown enemy ults and disrupt even the most coordinated teams. In Overwatch lore, Sombra was […]

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Widowmaker Hero Guide

Widowmaker is a powerful sniper capable of eliminating heroes across the battlefield with a single shot. Her abilities are perfect for light reconnaissance: a grappling hook allows her to reach high-elevations and stay mobile, while her Ultimate ability enables her entire team to see enemies through walls. In Overwatch lore, Widowmaker is a ruthless assassin […]

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